2014 MAMA Winners + Performances

I would to congratulate all those artists who won in #MAMA2014!  

I enjoyed the stage tonight though last year was better and the year before that. Personally the best act was GD x Taeyang and EXO. They really owned the stage and their stage presence was overwhelming.  GD x Taeyang performed their chart topping single Good Boy and sang a bit of Fantastic Baby which made me miss Bigbang as a group and hopefully they'll have a comeback next year.

I'm not a huge huge fan of Taeyang oppa unlike I am a huge fan of GD but he has the best stage ever! Can't stop spazzing about how the lights turn and it forms different shapes and it makes the song more emotional to the extent it makes you wanna cry.

I have not seen EXO performances lately since I am still butt hurt with KrisHan lawsuit and contract nullification but watching the boys perform makes me miss OT12 more though you can really see their effort to give their best to EXO-L's but  as a huge fan of them before I wish I could have seen them accept their four awards this year as OT12. It may have been a dark year for them and for us fans but they still shine if not brighter than ever and they stayed strong for us. I'm still proud of my babies and I'm still hoping for OT12.

I also liked how Epik High, B.I, Bobby and Mino enjoyed the stage for Born Hater. B.I = cutest janitor ever! He was even holding a cloth and wiping the floor at one part. They have a strong stage presence.

For me the best vocal and 2nd most emotional performance was done by John Legend. Even the artists were giddy when John sang and boy it was amazing. It's a must see performance.  It also reminded me when Yi Fan sang it on SWOK conference if I'm not mistaken, the vocal is not as strong as John's but his emotions are as strong as the original.

I enjoyed the "battle" between BTS and Block B. Though they didn't win any award, they performed well and Jimin's abs is the best, go co Armys! You can sense their swag but it's in the friendly level.

I enjoyed a lot of performances but it doesn't mean I liked them. I don't know if it was because they lacked stage presence or maybe the way they made a remix distorted the feel of the song, but I know they did their best and congratulations again to the Winners! 

▲ Album of the Year
EXO - 'Overdose'
▲ Song of the Year
Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
▲ Artist of the Year

▲ Best Male Artist
▲ Best Female Artist 
▲ Best Male Group
▲ Best Female Group
▲ Best New Artist

▲ Best Dance Performance - Male Group
INFINITE - "Last Romeo"
▲ Best Dance Performance - Female Group
Girl's Day - "Something"
▲ Best Dance Performance - Solo
Sunmi - "Full Moon"
▲ Best Collaboration
Soyu x JungGiGo - "Some"
▲ Best Vocal Performance - Male
Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"
▲ Best Vocal Performance - Female
Ailee - "Singing Got Better"
▲ Best Band Performance
CNBLUE - "Can't Stop"
▲ Best Rap Performance
Epik High - "Happen Ending"

▲ Best Music Video
2PM - "Go Crazy"
▲ Best OST
Lyn - "My Destiny" from 'You Who Came From the Stars'

▲ Best Asian Style
▲ Style in Music
Jung Joon Young
▲ International Favorite Artist
John Legend
▲ K-pop Fan's Choice - Male
▲ K-pop Fan's Choice - Female

▲ Most Popular Vocalist

Their thank you speeches can be found here while all the performances can be found here

credits to : allkpop.com
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