Dirty Vibe : Skrillex featuring G-Dragon and CL MV

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Skrillex finally dropped the bomb with the MV of Dirty Vibe featuring the King and Queen of Swag; G-Dragon and CL. If you guys don't know who Skrillex is well he's a DJ, American electronic dance music producer and singer-songwriter.

And I must emphasize that he's really good at this because as of the moment, he already has 6 grammy awards. Also we must take into consideration that YG wants the best for their artist so they work with well known people in their field of expertise.

Dirty Vibe was released last March in his album Recess, but the MV was only released hours ago.
I think this is part of YG's step in penetrating the American market. As much as GD and CL are famous already, not all people in America know them unless they're Kpop fans.

credits to : Skrillex

This MV is also an exposure to both of them though GD has more screen time than CL. CL is planning or I must say is on the way debuting in America so she needs all the exposure she needs to slay the charts. The MV for me is a bit mild, not totally GD or CL 's style but their swag makes up for it. At first maybe you'll find the song weird and too blunt but it's addicting and you can't release a song like this in Korea because it  contains swear words.

You can really see in the MV that their confidence and attitude glows and gives their own interpretation of Skrillex's Dirty Vibe so enjoy the MV and comments or spazzing is much appreciated.  Bye~

P,S : This video is unlisted so those people with link can only see it. 
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