Team B : Wait for Me mp3

Finally Team B released their own song! I know some people look forward for Team B to be Ikon and I'm one of those people. When WIN was airing I was really torn between Team A aka WINNER and Team B. They have their strengths and weaknesses.  Team A has better vocals and their voices are much more distinct while Team B has good teamwork and their dance moves are not a joke.

Through Mix and Match, we'll learn who will be the last 4 members of iKon considering B.I, Bobby and Jinhwan are sure members of the group. So 6 trainess will battle out the last 4 spots and YG has no plans of letting the eliminated trainee debut under YG so it's like WIN all over again but harsher!

I really want Goo Joon Hee to debut. He has good vocals even though he joined YG because he's a good dancer but along his journey the teachers developed his vocals.
I don't have any biases for iKon yet aside from the 4 mentioned above because I want too see the show 1st then decide.

So here's an mp3 version of their single. 

Will watch it soon maybe when they have 3 episodes already?  I'm currently busy watching Superman is Back and rewatching Arashi shows while trying to continue my last sequel of my fanfic in  

Enjoy yeorobun~~
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