Mindanao Beauty Expo 2014

I have an exciting news to beauty enthusiasts here in Davao City! On September 15,2014, Davao will experience MBEX or also known as Mindanao Beauty Expo. It will be held at NCCC Mall, Matina Activity Area from 10am to 5pm.

Various seminars, exhibits and demos will be conducted.  What I really like about expos is that experts from their line of expertise gather together and share their knowledge to those people who are willing to learn. And I believe these experts would be more than willing to answer your questions if you'll attend the event or series of events.

This will be my first beauty expo if I'll join so I'm excited and hopefully I can give away tickets so I'll give you an update about that one. I don't know what to expect but I think it will be fun since you'll talk about beauty the whole day, how to enhance oneself is not a crime honey. Talking to experts and learning various jargons and techniques about beauty is exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. 

Seminars on:
Kerabond using Keratin Premium
Renew Keratin Blowout with Color
Botanique color collection Mocca, Caffe, Latte
Botanique 3 – in – 1 color Rebond with Botanique Keratin
Digital Perm with Color
Botanique Graduated Bob Cut
AhGlow Rebonding and Keratin Blowout
Brazilian Blowout Look|Listen|Learn
Fabulash Eyelash Extension
Balayagé Hair Coloring

Career Development Talks
Job Fare Recruitment

If you're interested,  you can purchase a ticket worth PHP100 but it comes with a certificate and freebies so I guess it's worth it.I promise I'll share my notes if ever I'll go there. See you there!
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