MAMA 2013 Winners and Performances

November 22, is a memorable day for it's MAMA2013. Fans like me really love end of the year shows for they show different kinds of performances may it be remixed or they added a little twist, it's also nice to see how different artists interact with each other.

I should be happy right? But no, I lost my favorite brooch today due to carelessness, I don't know where I dropped it. May God give me another one. Due to depression (lol), I decided to watch MAMA to lighten up my mood but our service provider doesn't want me to feel better so it took me more than 2 hours to connect to the web, and I missed MAMA. Goodness gracious! Can this day get any better? For you guys who missed MAMA2013 like me, don't fret, I'll tell you guys where to watch or for others, re watch and spazz all over again.

First of all, I want to congratulate all artists who won the awards, you guys deserve it.

  • Best New Male Artist
    Roy Kim
  • Best New Female Artist
    Crayon Pop

  •   Best Male Artist

  •   Best Female Artist
    Lee HyoRi
  •   Best Male Group
  •   Best Female Group
    Girls' Generation
  •   Best Dance Performance - Male Solo
    G-DRAGON / Crooked
  •   Best Dance Performance - Female Solo
    CL / The Baddest Female

  •   Best Dance Performance - Male Group
    SHINee / Dream Girl

  •   Best Dance Performance - Female Group
    SISTAR / Give It To Me

  •   Best Vocal Performance - Male
    Lee SeungGi / Return
  •   Best Vocal Performance - Female
    Ailee / U&I
  •   Best Band Performance
    Busker Busker / First Love
  •   Best Rap Performance
    Dynamic Duo / BAAAM
  •   NISSAN JUKE Best Music Video
    G-DRAGON / COUP D`ETAT / Seo HyunSeung
  •   Best Original Soundtrack
    Master's Sun OST - Yoon MiRae / Touch Love
  •   Artist of the year
  •   BC - UnionPay Song of the year
    Cho YongPil / Bounce
  •   SONY MDR World Wide Performer
    INFINITE / Destiny
  •   Album of the Year
    EXO / XOXO 
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and for those fans who missed their idols, performances, click the link below to watch your oppas and unnies rock Hong Kong. 


Feels starts......... NOW : 

2NE1, sang Missing You for the 1st time, it was so good but the mic sucks like really. Artists need to shout to for their fans to hear them sing. Bigbang rocked the stage, some VIPS claimed that they made MAMA2013 as their concert. You guys watch and decide because I'm a VIP so I'm biased towards them. 


As my first husband in Kpop industry, I'm so proud and happy for you, all your efforts were not wasted and people saw your effort in proving yourself.

As for my favorite boys, EXO, you guys deserve the "Album of the Year" award because I bought your albums! HAHAHA. Kidding aside, you guys did a lot in one year to have your comeback and boy that one year wait and hardwork finally paid of! May you guys win more awards in the future.
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