2NE1 : Missing You Teasers

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Blackjacks! Are you guys excited that our queens are back? Well, I am. With the recent press conference held at YG office by Park Sister, they revealed that Minzy will have her solo debut soon and 2NE1 will be back with a new song entitled "Missing You". They said it's a great song that would make you cry, i also heard that Park Sisters; Dara and Bom and YG's wife cried when they heard the song. Maybe it's that good so Blackjacks are so excited.

"Press Conference" 

I also like the fact that 2NE1 is trying different genres, yes they can do different genres aside from hip-hop which shows that they are versatile and versatility is important because you can show your different sides to your fans. Enough blabbering and let's hear the teasers.

And wait for my next post on November 21st, 00 KST for they release of their MV.

credits to : 2NE1
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