#Dramania : A must have app for Drama addicts

Hello readers! (If I have any). I'm here today to share to you what app I use to watch dramas online using your Android phone for free. I'm not so sure if they have this app in App Store. For those people who are lazy like me, who wants to watch dramas and movies using their phone then this app is perfect for you.

Best part aside from this app is FREE is that you can download the drama so that you can rewatch it during your free time. Now did I get your attention? So basically you need a stable wifi connection to get this app going. And I guarantee you guys that unlike other apps you don't need to download any additional apps and it doesn't have huge ads. Let me present to you guys, #Dramania. You can watch recent Chinese, Korean and Japanese dramas and movies with subtitles of course. I'm not that smart to understand the whole freakin movie without subs. Also, it uses different video sites so you can choose which one buffers faster, I personally find Videobug faster. The video quality is decent for my huge phone (Note2) so maybe it's a bit hq for those decently sized phone.

>This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share to you guys an awesome app that would make asian drama and movie enthusiasts happy. 

Maybe I should make a new portion of my blog? All about apps. Should I make one? Yay or Nay? Opinions, comments and reactions are greatly appreciated. Ciao.
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