Grunge x Military

I know I somewhat promised to update more frequently but some dark forces are keeping me from my promise. Like 50 Shades of Grey for instance,I never knew an erotic fiction could be so romantic at the same time. I am so addicted with the book, I downloaded the three installments in my iPod so that I can have continuous reading. I finished the first book in one day! It's THAT addicting. As a matter of fact I finished the book already.

I will probably post a review about the book.Not so sure about that though because I am no book expert.

Anyways,enough with my distractions and move on.This outfit was another LAZY dress-up Sunday. The lazy hair, no make-up and the Doc Martens ish boots says it all! It's like a grunge outfit with a hint of cuteness due to the socks detail. (Even my face looks grunge.)Speaking of socks, I hope we have a lot of cute socks available here in Davao but sadly all cute socks are for children only. Another thing I love about this outfit is it is somehow military inspired. The studs on my shirt and the dog tag inspired necklace.


Brown Shirt: TRF collection
B&W Inner Shirt: Cotton On
Denim Skirt: Guess
Heart Pendant: Guess
Socks : Trois Epri
Shoes: Alice

How do you guys dress-up while feeling lazy? I love to hear from you.xoxo, C.
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