A Hint of Pink

Hi There! I miss blogging so much but there are things which I think is more important than me blogging. Oh how I wish I could be a blogging machine. Always inspired to write, edit photos and post them here but no, I am not that kind of blogger. I am currently devastated right now because 1. I accidentally deleted all my 1000++ photos on my itouch because I forgot that updating the software to iOS 5.1.1 means deleting all the data, I am genius right? 2. Because the Berry Banana Krushers in KFC is phased out. Imagine KFC without Berry Banana, sad right? T______________T

So what is more important than blogging? Well, it is job hunting! Being a student is much and waaaay more easy than finding a job especially finding the right job according to your course. So this is the outfit I wore for my first job interview at an accessory company.

Say hi to one of my companions when taking outfit photos, my remote! Since my parents does not know how to use my camera except when in live mode and in auto settings. 

I look like a blah here but I love how my legs and butt look small so disregard the face, ok? lol.

I don't know if I got the job, I think not so the frustrated, wild hair flying look.

One of recent hauls from Love Diva in SG. I got it for only SGD 6! What a catch right? While Love Diva here sells it for Php 400 or 600. 

Black Blazer: Forever21
Black Inner Shirt: Cotton On
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: Love Diva
Shoes: Melissa

Being required to wear formal corporate attire does not mean you need to stick to basic black, navy blue and brown hues. With color blocking trend, you can infuse colored pieces to your corporate attire to celebrate your youthfulness and appear trendy at the same time.I love to hear from you on how you wear your own interpretation of corporate attire.
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