Dainty Daisy

Feeling uber dainty that day so what more dainty can I get by wearing lace x bow ensemble? Since the first dress was sheer I wore another dress underneath which has more lace than the first dress (5th photo). It's called skirtception. haha. The shoes were my first 4.5 inch heels so I was "tiis-ganda" while malling at SM. I don't care about being comfortable since I love the heels to bits! (Black + White + Bows = super me!)Got it for only SGD25 at Bugis. Also, I paired it with my accessories from Love Diva.

Dress: Axes Femme
Inner Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Bugis
Bracelets: Love Diva x Promod 
How I wish I could dress up like this everyday but then my personal style is too diverse to be focused on one specific style.
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