January's Fashion Forum is all about the 2016 trends specifically pantone colors of the year and Scandinavian style.

The speakers were Pam Qui
ñones of L'Officiel Manila, the Philippine edition of the Paris based fashion magazine and Philippa Andren, a fashion consultant involved with L'Officiel Manila's styling team. 

First they discussed why Rose Quartz and Serenity were chosen as pantone colors of the year.

For the first time, there are two pantone colors of the year namely Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and sense of composure. It is a weak color of it's own so Serenity was added. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times. Pantone wanted a color or colors that would balance off all the negative events that are happening in our society.

Rose Quartz and Serenity makes people calm and relaxed. Greens, Purples, Rich Browns and all shades of Yellow and Pink compliment these two colors. If you want to add sparkle and splash, add silver or hot brights.

Pam and Philippa also shared their views on Scandinavian style which would take over 2016. Rather than a specific look, Scandivian style is a concept, a way of life. It's effortless and comfortable.

Small embellished bags, minimalist  bags and solo earring were some of the accessories trend that were mentioned.For the shoes, boots are in. White and or pointed boots to be precise. 

Simple style tip for a stylish 2016 is be comfortable and make sure your clothes compliment your body type.Don't wear the outfit if you're not comfortable because it will show. Inspirations from runways are advisable but don't copy the whole outfit rather tone it down because runways tend to be extreme and not realistic. 

You don't need to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity at the same time. Choose one color then pair it up with basics.

Basically, that's it! Enjoy your stylish 2016 and thank you #AbreezaFashionForum.

Laureen Uy, stylist, top fashion blogger and budding actress shared her style forecast for 2016 last January 23 at SM Lanang Premier.


For men, crisp and clean and denim on denim are in for 2016. Oversized shirts are ideal for the casual look. Crisp and Clean polo with sneakers is good for semi formal events. 


You can also pair it up with bermuda shorts which is perfect for summer. Speaking of summer, stripes are good alternative for plain white shirts. Not all people can rock bermuda shorts because of their height so make sure the length of your shorts is just right.


For the ladies, bring out the hippie in you for bohemian is in. 70s vibe like wide legged pants look perfect with bohemian blouses. 70s fashion doesn't mean you need to wear an outfit all from the 70s, pair it up with new trends like maybe a cropped top?

Raid your mom's closet for they have amazing vintage finds.


Lace is also in this year, I personally love lace and I find it perfect for summer, the white or cream ones. Pair it up with denim and white sandals or sneakers then you can rock preppy x dainty look this summer. Stripes are also good for females during summer.

Laureen Uy with Jeff (www.jeffreymondia.com) , Jexx (www.jexxhinggo.com), and me.

There is no specific style that would fit all kinds of people. It's all about experimenting on what kind of clothes you look confident in. Just believe in yourself and be confident. 

Thank you SM Lanang! For exclusive events and promos, check out their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Born out of the usual search for tambayan, cousins started the idea of owning their own coffee shop where they can hangout at the same time earn money. It became an income generating family tambayan now known as Koffiepauze.

Koffiepauze, a dutch word means "coffee break" re opened their shop last January 8, 2016.

Koffiepauze Beverage Menu

Sweet and Sour Fish
Lasagna : a must try
Their former location was at Palmetto Condo in Maa. Koffiepauze's new location is bigger and better since it's located at downtown area specifically at Ground Floor,100 Roxas Ave Dormitory., Roxas Ave, Davao City.

Cordon Bleu

Kani Salad
They serve pasta,salad, rice meals, sandwiches and short orders. My personal favourite would be the lasagna, cordon bleu and nachos.  The price range is from 90 to 180 pesos. Serving is worth the price. Hopefully I can try their waffles in my next visit. I consider waffles as my comfort food ^_^

Nachos is <3
Breaded Porkchop

Whereas for their beverage menu they offer the usual coffee based and non coffee based drinks served hot, iced or blended. Smoothies, Tea Coolers and Soda are also available.

Aside from their delicious and affordable food and drinks,  their place is ideal for study sessions or a place to hang out with friends. Koffiepauze wants to provide their clients a relaxed and comfortable break from the busy daily grind.

Visit Koffiepauze at Ground Floor,100 Roxas Ave Dormitory., Roxas Ave, Davao City because everybody deserves a coffee break. Don't forget to like their Facebook page, koffie.pauze.davao for promos and updates.

Food Menu

Carbonara Php 155
Spaghetti Php 145
Pesto Php 140
Lasagna Php 155

Greek Salad Php 145
Khani Salad Php 150
Caesar Salad Php 140

All Day Rice Meals
(Served with rice, egg and iced tea. Add Php20 for coffee.)
Beef Tapa Php 165
Hungarian Sausage Php 165
Bangus Php 150
Chicken Teriyaki Php 155
Sweet and Sour Fish Php 150
Cordon Bleu Php 160
Breaded Pork Chop Php 160
Broccoli and Tofu w/ Peanut Butter Sauce Php 140

Tuna Sandwich Php 120
Ham and Cheese Sandwich Php 125
Full House Sandwich Php 155

Short Orders
Waffles Php 90
Waffles ala Mode Php 135
Nachos Php 150
Cheese Sticks Php 140
French Fries Php 135
Pica Platter Php 180

Koffiepauze Grand ReOpening

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Born out of the usual search for tambayan, cousins started the idea of owning their own coffee shop where they can hangout at the sam...
“The PowerShot G9X is a powerful yet convenient everyday camera perfect for Filipinos who are style conscious and love to snap images all the time"

G9X, the newest model from Canon's PowerShot G series line of premium digital compact cameras arrived in the Philippines last November 2015. The G9 X is built with the latest Canon imaging technology and comes with a large 1.0” 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor that renders higher sensitivity for superior image quality.  

The PowerShot G series is associated with high image quality approaching the EOS line of DSLR cameras. The powerful high sensitivity CMOS sensor along with proprietary DIGIC 6 image processor creates Canon’s high-sensitivity (HS) system to provide photographers with high performance point-and-shoot cameras in varied lighting conditions. Images with beautiful contrast and crisp details when shooting in low light situations is possible with its high ISO speed of 12800.

The PowerShot G9 X uses a 28-84mm (35mm equivalent) 3x optical zoom lens providing the casual user with sufficient coverage in varied shooting scenarios (wide angle,telephoto and etc.)

The circular 9-blade composition and large aperture of f/2.0 on the PowerShot G9 X enables beautiful bokeh (blurred background) effects in macro photography.

To date, PowerShot G9X is the lightest and most compact camera in the PowerShot G series weighing only 209 grams.

The simplicity of its design carries over to its operability, with a control ring to complement the touch panel. Between these two elements, a user can easily control the camera settings and make adjustments quickly and efficiently.

In G9 X, the bulb exposure feature provides the user with greater control over shutter timings, which can be highly useful when capturing the light trails of cars, fireworks and night scenes. The new Auto ND Filter ensures that the appropriate brightness is achieved enabling the photographer to focus on capturing the moment in different situations.

Aside from taking beautiful crisp photos, it has the ability to record 1080p Full HD videos at 24p upto 60p in MP4 format.

G9X is also equipped with Wifi and NFC for east sharing of photos. Smart devices can be used as remote control when the Canon Camera Connect App is installed.

Product Specifications

PowerShot G9 X
Dimensions:             Approx. 98.0 x 57.9 x 30.8mm
Weight:             Approx. 209g
Lens:                 3x optical zoom IS
Focal length:             28 - 84mm (35mm equivalent)
Aperture:             f/2.0-f/4.9
Image sensor:         20.2 mega-pixel 1-inch type CMOS sensor
Imaging processor:         DIGIC 6
Maximum video quality:     Full HD 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p
LCD:                 3” (approx. 1.04 million dots)
Connectivity:             Wi-Fi, NFC
Battery type:             NB-13L

G9X costs around Php 23,998.00

Other Canon products you may be interested in :

Canon Pixma G Series

Canon EOS M10

Going to Korea is one of my lifelong dreams since I'm a huge kpop and korean drama fan. Last year, I went to Korea specifically Seoul with my family for a 9 day vacation trip. I really wanted to go here since 2008 so being able to go there made me so happy that I’ll make a three part travel diary post about my trip.

 We arrived at Incheon around 7pm and purchased our train tickets to Seoul using T-Money. A friend of mine told me it’s cheaper (by 100 won) and more convenient if you buy the T-Money card at the convenience store since you don't need to buy single journey ticket everytime you ride any public transportation, just top it up when you think that your balance in the card is not enough. You can refund the card at the same convenience store where you bought it if you are going back to your home country. The remaining balance can be refunded after a 500 won service charge deduction. 

Hotteok (호떡) – Fried pancake that's filled with either sugar, vegetables or meat with vegetables. It depends on the stall actually. It's a popular snack during winter. .

EXO endorsing Pepero. Seriously EXO is everywhere in Korea.

T-money can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities and locations including Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Daejeon, Incheon, Daegu and Busan. 

On our first day, we went to Namdaemun, wherein you can shop various items from clothes, toys, accessories and a lot more at affordable prices. Even the locals shop here since it’s the largest traditional market in Korea. 

We were lost on our way home and we stumbled upon Bank of Korea Money Museum / Bank of Korea Gallery.The museum was entertaining even for the kids because there were interactive games where they have hands on education. I immediately went to the gallery, there were about 4,500 domestic and international currencies displayed. The museum is open from 10am to 5pm and admission is free but the museum is closed on Mondays. 

Can't help but take a photo of TOP. <3

Remember Eurongie and Baby? [EXO Showtime Ep7]

Let’s not forget my favorite shopping area in Seoul, Myeongdong. Unlike Namdaemun, this shopping district sells a lot of designer brands. Big shopping malls like Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae can also be found here. If you love fashion and beauty products then this is heaven for you. 

Hello Baekhyunnie~

EXO Merchandise

Stylenanda clothes. Super cute that you can't choose which one to buy.

It makes you want to purchase all their shoes and make you feel like you're Park Sora.

Don't forget to stop by at Daiso. It's a haven for a cheapskate like me. They sell really cute items for cheap price. I bought my cute band aids ( Pororo, Hello Kity, Doraemon )here for 2,000 per box. Actually they sell a wide array of items like household items, beauty products, school supplies, food and such. 

Lonely Shoes

Another must visit is Olive Young. Olive Young is drug store that sells health supplements, cosmetics and food. It’s similar to Watsons. Cosmetic Brands like Kate, Peripera, Clio, Maybelline, Majolica Majorca and Revlon can be found here. So a must visit for makeup junkies.If your desired product is on sale. Buy it. They change their sale items every now and then.

D.O, Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

Forget your diet for the street food here is a must try. From Crepe to Corndogs to Fresh Fruits to Eommuk.

Dalgona (달고나) – Another street snack that's made of white sugar and baking soda. Saw it on EXO Showtime ep 7, so I tried it myself and I find it too sweet for my liking.

Was suppose to buy one for the sake of EXO-M OT6 but it's so freaking expensive, I believe the 55,000 has only 10 masks.

Kpop socks. I spy Luhannie ~
When in Myeongdong area, don’t forget to drop by Lotte Young Plaza. The first shopping mall dedicated for casual wear for young people. SM Stans can purchase their merchandise at the SM Town Stardium. Stylenanda clothes, makeup and shoes can also be found at Lotte Young Plaza. 

Strawberry Banana Crepe
If you’re lost, ask around. Koreans are very helpful. Even though some of them can't really speak good English, they will try to show you the map or just use hand gestures or basic English will do.

Hotdog + Fries

Yummy sushi reward to those who read this post.

And that’s the first part of my three part travel diary in Korea. Watch out for my second one, arachi?


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Going to Korea is one of my lifelong dreams since I'm a huge kpop and korean drama fan. Last year, I went to Korea specifically Seou...
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