The Ultimate Collaboration: HONOR and Nokia Unite for a 5G Patent License Agreement

The world's largest tech companies, HONOR and Nokia, have joined up once again to pursue important patent cross-licensing in the field of 5G and other cellular technologies. 

With HONOR, one of the top companies in the Chinese smartphone market, we are happy to have reached a cordial patent cross-license agreement. The news underscores the strength of Nokia's patent portfolio and its decades-long contributions to cellular standards and other technologies. This is the fourth significant litigation-free smartphone agreement that Nokia has reached in the last year, according to Susanna Martikainen, Chief Licensing Officer, Mobile Devices. 

As a 5G SEP holder and implementer, HONOR is committed to upholding IP rights and feels that a fair valuation of intellectual property is critical to the growth of the mobile sector. Wenyu Zhou, HONOR Head of Global Intellectual Property, added, "The conclusion of the patent cross-license agreement shows HONOR's commitment on innovation to enabling a smart life across all scenarios and all channels, for all people." 

The legacy of the iconic Nokia 3310 is being shadowed by the Ultra-Tough smartphone, the Honor X9b 5G, which was just released. HONOR takes pleasure in offering answers to problems that arise on a daily basis and combining price and excellence. 

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