Legacy Living Redefined: Nurtura Land and Home by Alsons Dev

Alsons Dev builds high-quality mid-cost homes through its Nurtura Land & Home line.

The process of becoming a homeowner frequently happens in chapters. Most people begin their adventure with renting or sharing a place to live, which serves as a stepping stone before they buy their first house. Whether rented or shared, every home conveys the tale of its occupants' aspirations and their steadfast search for a place they can call forever home.

The goal behind Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev)'s mid-cost home brand, Nurtura Land & Home, is to create communities that offer families long-term comfort and fulfillment. The peaceful suburbs of Davao and Sarangani are gradually being transformed into residential sanctuaries through Nurtura Land and Home, supporting the goals and desires of contemporary Filipino families like the Alcasid and Gasparil families.

Elevated living

Narra Park Residences’ expansive park and family-friendly amenities highlight open spaces and lush greeneries, a signature component in every Alsons Dev project 

At Narra Park Residences, Alsons Dev's first mid-cost housing development under Nurtura Land and Home, in Tigatto, Davao City, Aisa Gasparil relishes the daily camaraderie of her neighbors. She feels fortunate to be able to enjoy the luxuries of a larger home with her family, in the same town that her brother and cousins have also chosen to call home, after having lived in a condominium unit in the past.

Narra Park Residences is a beautifully planned community with modern Asian-inspired residences that perfectly integrate with the environment and amenities meant to improve the quality of life for its residents. Homeowners can enjoy a greener and revitalizing atmosphere in the development's large parks and family-friendly amenities. Its advantageous location in the city center ensures accessibility and convenience for residents as well. It comes as no surprise that Narra Park Residences won the Best Housing Development in Metro Davao title at the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards in 2023 and received a high commendation rating in the Lamudi-sponsored Outlook 2023: Philippine Real Estate Awards' Best Affordable House in Visayas and Mindanao category.

In addition,Narra Park Residences Avia recreates all the greatest elements of the award-winning project in Alabel, Sarangani, and is inspired by the success of Nurtura Land and Home's first mid-cost housing project in Davao. The new residential community is ideally situated within Avia Estate, the first township development in the SOCCSKSARGEN Region. Avia Estate unites upscale residential communities, top-notch recreational facilities, a broad range of retail and commercial options, respectable educational institutions, and government support services all under one roof.

Property seekers like Paula Alcasid, an occupational therapist based in General Santos City, may live a more refined lifestyle at Narra Park Residences Avia, which features open lots and tastefully constructed compact residences in a well-planned and secure neighborhood.

Community amenities, such as parks and a swimming pool, in Narra Park Residences and Narra Park Residences Avia, provide a space where families and friends can socialize and celebrate life’s important moments.

Paula, a homeowner of Narra Park Residences Avia, says that the community features like the parks and pool are what she most looks forward to. She also likes how there are trees lining the residential blocks, which she thinks would make the community feel lighter and more spacious.

The signature of quality 

Alsons Dev is a trailblazing property pioneer in Davao, and every aspect of its mid-cost developments demonstrates its vast knowledge and expertise in real estate development. The company's dedication to quality and delivery is apparent throughout the whole process, from conception to building.

Aisa stated that her family chose Narra Park Residences mostly because of Alsons Dev's reputation as a developer, citing the developer's well-known Davao residential complexes as examples. "Northtown, Woodridge, Ladislawa, magaganda lahat," she exclaims. These excellent developments, in Aisa's opinion, demonstrate the company's ability to deliver and demonstrate how carefully Alsons Dev designs its residential properties to guarantee the welfare and safety of its occupants.

Paula agrees that Alsons Dev's reputation for quality extends beyond Davao.“Maganda ang reputation ng Alsons Dev as a developer. Maganda yung mga plano nila, maganda yung community, maganda yung environment.”

Building dreams, one home at a time

Homeowner Paula Alcasid, with her mother and their furbaby, is looking forward to their home in Narra Park Residences Avia, where safety, recreation, and convenience are an arm’s length away

Homeownership is undoubtedly a significant achievement, but making the leap is made simpler when working with a reliable developer like Alsons Dev. In the Alsons Dev villages they have invested in, Aisa and Paula both picture their families living the finest possible life.

Paula says, "I picture our Narra Avia home as a place for my mom when she grows older." She highlights that a house supplies all the necessities for a homeowner, stressing things like recreation and safety, and that's when it becomes a true home.

For Aisa and her family, the Narra Park Residences house is a dream come true. She explains that her husband's diligence and determination have made what was once only a far-off dream a reality. When she reflects on their family's experience becoming homeowners, she exclaims, "Everything was worth it!"

Encouraging tales like this give Alsons Dev the motivation to keep being a reliable companion for young families starting their journey toward homeownership. The company is still dedicated to community development, affordability, and quality through Nurtura Land and Home, maintaining the gold standard for reasonably priced, superior communities that are accessible to newlyweds in Mindanao.

With Nurtura Land and Home, Alsons Dev will keep bringing more Filipino families one step closer to their goal of having a house where they can nurture their deepest desires. New projects in Davao and Sarangani are now under progress.

Visit the Nurtura Land & Home website at https://nurtura.ph/ to learn more about Alsons Dev's mid-range housing projects and start your path to homeownership.

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