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Merry Christmas! I know it’s still September but we all know as soon as the Ber month hits, it’s considered Christmas season in the Philippines. 

Since Christmas is the gift-giving season, why not purchase your gifts as early as now and check out these hand-crafted products that are made by Filipino mom entrepreneurs?

For mothers who are launching their own enterprises or expanding their current ones, one such support network is the online community Madiskarte Moms PH (MMPH). Moms share tips and best practices for online marketing and selling through posts and videos on MMPH's YouTube channel and Facebook group. It's incredibly motivating to hear from moms about how they began small and later expanded.

These mompreneurs have built intensely personal businesses, and as a result, their passion is evident in the items they produce, which are all proudly handmade and unique. Products crafted with skillful hands, love, and attention have worth in a world of rapid manufacturing.

Mompreneurs are among the most motivated and tenacious Filipinos working tirelessly to achieve their financial objectives. They get our admiration and encouragement for beginning enterprises from scratch, but their goods demand more of our focus. Here are four of Madiskarte Moms PH's mompreneurs' top handcrafted goods:

1. Bible journals by Love, Mama V

The Bible journals by Madiskarte Mom Vannie Roxas are excellent purchases for people who enjoy writing down their thoughts and prayers while reading the Bible on a daily basis. She launched her firm this year as her workload as a freelance social media manager got less onerous. Initially made for her own usage.

Her husband's T-shirt printing company made it simpler for her to start as they already had the necessary equipment. She enrolled in a handicraft workshop to learn how to print. It was a little daunting, adds Vannie, "to find that there are so many goods we can accomplish in the class.

"However, I give thanks to God for guiding me to produce goods that are consistent with my passion and beliefs. I truly like using Bible diaries to strengthen my faith, therefore I wanted to recommend them to other devotees who also needed a place to record their reflections.

Additionally, Vannie now sells a notebook of Biblical Affirmations, a Prayer Journal, and other goods to support her clients' spiritual journeys. She claims to be really grateful for the additional cash the business provides. Since we just got going, it's not that huge yet. We're investigating how to develop it and grow it to add more jobs to the neighborhood. For this year's holiday shopping season, I'm hoping for large orders so we may spread the good fortune our items have brought us.

The journals made by Vannie are thin, sturdy, and durable. At P220 a journal, they are also genuinely affordable.

2. Handmade relief balms and salves by Nurture Moms Balms

This concept from mompreneur Christine Joy Llameg is one of the more alluring items in the Madiskarte Moms PH group because our skin could always use some extra TLC.

Christine sells homemade salves and balms to address bothersome skin issues including rashes and dry skin. The therapeutic salves avoid the potentially harmful chemical camphor and are prepared with all-natural ingredients including essential oils and botanical extracts.

When the mompreneur wanted to produce a balm for a friend's son who had G6pd, or the deficiency of an enzyme (glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase) in the blood, she got the idea to start creating balms. Since he is not allowed to have anything minty on his skin, I first made a salve for him. This gave me the idea to eventually sell them.

Irie, Christine's autistic four-year-old daughter, receives therapy support from the company as well. "I received my first significant order in the second month: 100 pieces of aromatherapy balm as a wedding favor, which covered two months of therapy.

Since I have to provide the best living for my family, especially my daughter, even though my sales are now slow, I'm still battling for it, she adds.

Christine represents the mother who, against all circumstances, never gives up. She reveals that this is her third company concept after two unsuccessful attempts. Though life is challenging, thinking about my daughter makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.

3. Realistic paper flowers by ICreate-paper flowers

Want to decorate your spaces and events with flowers? Paper flower designs by mompreneur April Baltazar, which mimic well-known flowers like roses and daisies, have a remarkably realistic appearance. Since becoming a Madiskarte Mom in 2015, she has traveled all over the nation setting up paper flowers for various clients as a result of her home business.

When April first started her company eight years ago, she was inspired by a Facebook post about huge paper flowers. "I was intrigued and quickly became interested, so I decided to try making them myself. Since then, I have been exploring various social media platforms in search of creative ideas and online tutorials to gain inspiration.

She was inspired by Madikarte Moms to turn her creativity into a successful business, and social media assisted her in identifying her target market. Our main source of revenue is now our business. We are able to use it to pay our expenses on time each month and even save some money. I've been honing my craft for many years, and I've witnessed a noticeable development in my abilities. I also run courses to impart my knowledge and skills, which provide my family with an additional source of income.

Although April acknowledges that there are now a lot of competitors on the market, "we are able to meet all of our requirements and wants exclusively by selling gigantic paper flowers. My family has really benefited financially from this enterprise.

4. Polymer clay earrings by Cess’s Official

Do you wish to alter your personal style? Colorful and lively, these handcrafted polymer clay earrings with flower themes by mompreneur CessTordes are ideal for either enhancing a subdued outfit or completing a larger-than-life look. They are fantastic for people of all ages! When Mommy Cess is feeling stressed out from her day job, she makes a lot of earrings and sells them.

"Pinterest gave me the inspiration. I made some earrings for myself after seeing some that were so gorgeous. Many people asked where they might purchase them or whether I was selling them after I posted them on Facebook. Because I am employed full-time by an Australian company, I am unable to do it full-time. Making polymer clay earrings is both a hobby and a side job, according to Cess.

She reveals that her four-year-old daughter's education is funded by the company's profits. "I offer them at inexpensive prices, especially to momshies, therefore the business's income is still quite small. However, the satisfaction I experienced from making them and witnessing folks wear them to significant events in their lives.

There are no boundaries to the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the Filipina, as evidenced by these fantastic goods created by mompreneurs from the Madiskarte Moms PH group. There are many more handcrafted goods and stuff out there that are just waiting to be found. 

The Madiskarte Moms PH group is open to new members if you're a fellow madiskarte mom wishing to connect with other like-minded mompreneurs or if you're an aspiring mompreneur looking to use your creativity and productivity to start a small business.

To check out more products, connect with fellow mompreneurs, or start your journey to
becoming a mompreneur yourself, you can join their Facebook group here.

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