11 Unisex Gifts You Can Buy at Shopee 11.11 Under P1,000

Christmas is just around the corner and we all want to give our loved ones the best gifts we can give at the most affordable price we can purchase it. 11.11 is the perfect date you can buy your gifts in time for Christmas day with a lot of items you see on the app can be overwhelming so I made a gift guide for you under P1,000, I also wanted the gifts to be unisex incase you’ll use it for impromptu exchange gifts.

1. Sunblock

Everyone needs to wear sunblock, sunblock is the best and easiest way to protect your skin. Wearing it protects your skin’s appearance and health, if used regularly sunblock helps prevent sunburn, skin cancer and premature aging. This Nacific sunblock blocks both UVA and UVB and it contains Calendula flower water and natural essential oil that keeps your skin healthy. So why not help your friend or loved one age gracefully by buying sunblock for them.

To read more about the benefits of wearing sunblock, check out this article : https://www.cleabanal.com/2022/03/summer-must-haves.html

2. Eye Cream

Another skincare item you shouldn’t miss is eye cream, eye cream is necessary because skin around your eyes are thinner and it’s the first to show signs of aging. Using eye cream minimizes dark circles,reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles and for hydration. This eyecream contains retinol that’s perfect for dark spot care, intensive care and wrinkle care.So this one is ideal for your aging friends or friends/ loved ones who want to stay young.

3. Powerbank

Got a friend who has FOMO? Don’t let them miss out by giving them powerbank. This Romoss Ares 20 has 20,000 mAh Power that has 3 inputs (micro,type c and lightning) and 2 USB outputs to keep your devices charged as you go both at the same time.It also has a LED display to see how much power you have left and it utilizes Fit Charge Technology where the powerbank automatically detects the devices specific charging requirements.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/20LIdfUEro

4. Bluetooth Earphones

I want these earphones for myself but I have 3 bluetooth earphones as of the moment so I don’t think I need a 4th one but I heard a lot of good things about these earphones. This Baseus earphones is lightweight, mini, comfortable and has long lasting battery so perfect for who is always on the go and love to listen to music almost 24/7.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/8pBZiZxbge

5. Bedsheets 

Bed sheets not only add style to your bedroom but it can also improve your sleep quality, reduce stress and anxiety. After a tiring day at work, we all need a place where we can relax and unwind so small thing as bed sheets can make a big difference. It has 5 different sizes and many designs or colors to choose from.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/20LFa6hsI4

6. Coffee

Ever since the pandemic, most of us became our own baristas and giving good coffee granules can make your coffee enthusiast friend or loved one super happy. I either use this UCC The Blend 117 Instant Coffee that has deep rich aroma and flavor and it one of the popular variation since 1988 or use the old classic Nescafe Gold.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/1fiPBX4CGW

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/6AAoXpdJxI

7. Vitamins

Taking care of one’s health is super important most especially since health is wealth. Incorporating Vitamin C in your diet has a lot of benefits like protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and eye disease. It is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues so protect your loved ones by buying this vitamin.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/3VA3N0yvXV

8. Perfume

If you can’t be Jungkook then at least smell like him by using this clear perfume. This particular scent became popular because of BTS Jungkook,it’s clean,crisp, sensual and it smells like fresh laundry. This clear perfume is both fragrant and antibacterial,it masks unwanted odor on clothes and surroundings. 

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/VWRna8XBo

9. Kombucha

I’m sure you heard about the benefits of Tea but have you heard about Kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years now and it contains anti oxidants, rich in probiotics and has same benefits as tea. Kombucha is also believed to reduce heart diseases, may help manage type 2 diabetes, protect against cancer. Now you don’t need to undergo all the hassle of fermenting your own tea because you can just buy it online and it’s in a powder form that’s in a sachet so you can bring it anytime, anywhere.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/7pJ2X7nnhA

10. Tumbler

Bringing you own tumbler will not only help mother earth since it reduces your plastic consumption but it also helps you save money because if you’re bring your own water can lessen your chance of buying bottled water. I was looking for an affordable tumbler when I stumbled upon this brand and the reviews are true, not only it’s affordable but it makes your drink cold or hot for a longer time.

Shop Here : https://shope.ee/AtbP8WA77

11. Speaker

Party everywhere anytime with this speaker from RealMe. It has 6 hours total playback,3W Dynamic Bass Boost Driver,IPX5 Water Resistant,Extra Bass Radiator and it’s portable and 113 grams light with 1 year warranty.

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