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So as a habit, I am browsing random finds in Shopee when I saw that blk cosmetics launched their skincare line. I was like when did this happen? I heard good feedbacks on their cosmetics and I’m wondering if their skincare line would be the same. So I’m sharing to you guys their skincare in case you might want to try.

Cleanse, Boost, Moisturize and Pamper is the skin routine for blk skin brightening and soothing collection.

blk skin Brightening & Soothing Makeup Removing Wipes

Cleanse your face with blk makeup removing wipes that effectively removes waterproof makeup, lip tint & stains and heavy liquid foundation.It also contains 3% niacinamide and you can purchase 5 packs of wipes for P996 but you can also purchase only one pack for P249.

Buy here :

5 packs

1 pack

blk skin Brightening & Soothing Supercharged Serum

Boost your skin with this serum costs P599 for 30ml and it brightens skin, refines patchy tone, fades spots and marks left by pimples and sun damage, diminishes the appearance of pores and smoothens skin texture, calms irritation and provides hydration. It’s also lightweight and fast absorbing with no stickiness.The serum contains 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc.

Buy here :

blk skin Brightening & Soothing Supercharged Cream

Moisturize your skin with the perfect cream to use after using their blk skin serum, the blk skin brightening & soothing supercharged cream that also has the same promises as the serum but this one contains 3% niacinamide and 90% experienced a more healthy looking skin after using for at least 2 weeks.This 30ml tub costs P499.

Buy here :

blk skin Brightening & Soothing Moisture Booster Duo

If you want to purchase both the blk skin serum and the cream then I suggest buying the blk skin Brightening & Soothing Moisture Booster Duo, it’s the same product as I have mentioned above but it’s a bundle so you save P99 when you purchase this bundle instead of buying them individually.

Buy here :

blk skin Supercharged Face Mask

Pamper yourself with blk skin supercharged face mask. Buy 5 face masks for only P596 that promises to brighten and evens skin tone for healthy and hydrated glow. A shortcut for professional facials and treatments at home. It’s made from 100% bamboo fiber so it’s skin friendly and non irritating.

Buy here :

This is not part of their skincare line but I just want to emphasize the importance of sunscreen.

blk cosmetics Daydream Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen contains SPF50 PA++ that protects your skin from UV rays,it’s oil and fragance free and non comedogenic, has natural matte finish, light weight, sweat resistant and it suits all skin types. It has 3 available shades as of the moment : Oat, Sheer and Butterscotch. 

Buy here :

I also want to share that blk cosmetics is offering big discounts up to 50% off and Buy 1 Take 1 deals on Shopee this 6.6 Mid Year Sale so you may want to add these on your cart before 6.6 because I'm sure people would buy these since it's on sale.

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