CL : Post UP MV + Lyrics

Queen CL is finally back again! After 6 short teaser clips which can be viewable in her Instagram,fans has been speculating that the teasers are related to the tracks in her album.

CL released her first independent album “In the Name of Love” last year which I totally LOVE! Special mention to Done and Rewind.

CL - Post Up Lyrics

Bitch you ain’t ever seen a baddest asian like me 
I go by the name of, you already know 
If you find somebody like me around you 
You let ’em know 
That’s cap 

Post up in my biggest stance 
Bigger dreams whole lot of bigger things
If I fall nine times 
Get up 10 

C H A E L I N 
That’s me we stay fly

Baddest female asian that is the status 
Heavy bass in basement throughout the attic 
2ne1 my past my forever blessing 
Now 2020 is next I be just elevating 

Cherries on my mind on the regular 
If life is a game 
Mission is to level up 
Always keep it one hunnit 
Honey world is mine ain’t no running from it
Hear you talking 
How bout you just come say it to my face...


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