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Hi guys! I’m back with another member profile which I think you guys will be interested with. This is not a Kpop group even though it says Kpop on the tag but since their company is Korean and some of their members debuted in Korea, why not include them right? Moving on~~

WayV, WeiShen V or 威神V, is the 4th sub unit of NCT. 

NCT means Neo Culture Technology and they are the newest boy group from SM Entertainment. What makes NCT unique is that they have unlimited number of members . So how does that work? Basically if the concept works for you, you’re included. NCT U,NCT127 and NCT Dream are the three subunits that are present and WayV being the fourth one.

NCT is not a new group since their first subunit, NCT U, debuted in 2016 but they they adding 3 new members in their subunit and it’s their first subunit outside Korea which makes me super excited.

WayV has 7 members namely Kun, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, Hendery, Xiao Jun, and YangYang.

WayV Members

Name : Qian Kun
Stage Name : Kun
Date of Birth : January 1,1996
Country of Origin : Fujian, China

Name : Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 
Stage Name : Ten
Date of Birth : February 27,1996
Country of Origin : Bangkok, Thailand

Name : Dong Si Cheng
Stage Name : Win Win
Date of Birth : October 28,1997
Country of Origin : Zhejiang, China

Name : Wong Yuk Hei / Huang Xu Xi
Stage Name : Lucas
Date of Birth : January 25,1999
Country of Origin : Hong Kong

Name : Xiao De Jun
Stage Name : Xiao Jun
Date of Birth : August 8,1999
Country of Origin : Guangdong, China

Name : Wong Kunhang / Huang Guanheng
Stage Name : Hendry
Date of Birth : September 28,1999
Country of Origin : Macau

Name : Liu Yangyang
Stage Name : Yang Yang
Date of Birth : October 10,2000
Country of Origin : Düsseldorf, Germany

The Vision Album Download

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