Print Using Your Smartphone

People love smartphones because you can do a lot of things with one single device like listening to music, taking photos and videos, playing games but have you heard about printing a document or photo using your smartphone?

Is that even possible?

Well people, with HP’s ePrint app and HP Smart app, you can.

By installing these apps on your phone, users can print almost anything, from anywhere at any time, using HP Photosmart network-capable printers with integrated wireless or Ethernet and selected HP Officejet printers.

HP ePrint, users can easily print documents, presentations or photos by attaching .doc, .txt or PDF files, PowerPoint files, or JPEG,TIFF, BMP,PNG and even GIF image files to an email address and send it to the printer’s email address.

It doesn’t require any printing software and it enables HP printers to be shared among multiple devices ( smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops or even notebook computers) with internet connection at the comfort of your own home or in the office.

The printer’s HP ePrint email address is provided when the service is enabled during the initial product setup and registration. HP assigns a random email address for the printer and doesn’t publicize it to prevent unauthorized email. HP ePrint also provides industry standard spam filtering and transforms emails and attachments to a print only format to reduce the threat of virus or harmful content.

Meanwhile, with HP Smart App, users can print from their mobile devices to virtually anywhere with HP selected printers including the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 AiO printer. 

The app enables printing of photos and documents directly from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices ;Facebook, Instagram and or other social media platforms; online storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive and even your simple camera roll gallery. The app can also customise photos for print optimization.

Scanning and sharing files with HP Smart App has never been faster and easier, just take a picture of the document using your smartphone and share them to your online storage, email or social media.The app has automatic border detection makes scan align perfectly for professional looking images. Aside from that, it also enables users to send and share digital files to the printer for remote printing.

Running out of ink will not be a problem since users can easily monitor and order supplies using the app itself.

The HP ePrint and HP Smart App is a FREE mobile application for Android and iOS devices that is available at Google Play Store and App Store. 

The free HP ePrint and HP Smart app enables users to remotely control selected HP printers using their mobile devices.

HP Smart App is also available at

For more details, please visit authorised HP resellers nationwide.

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