NCT 127 : Touch MV + NCT2018 Empathy Album Download

NCT 127 is back with no new members for 2018. NCT has an ongoing project NCT 2018 wherein they will release 6 MVs and this one's the fourth one. NCT U's Boss being the first, Taeyong x Ten's Baby Don't Stop and last NCT Dream's Go.

 NCT 127 is well known for their sharp and groovy moves with all that swag but I didn't expect them to release a music video like this, it's like NCT Dream and NCT 127 switched styles. They look so freakin cute like boy next door kind of cute and I want to thank SM for not changing Yuta's chin. Sorry Yuta stans (like me) but let's face it, Yuta looks better with his original chin.

Anyway, this MV will make you squeal because they smile every now and then. The song is perfect for spring btw. I can't find any lyrics only for the moment so I embedded a video I got from Youtube so international fans like me can understand and appreciate the music better.

NCT127 - Touch MV Download

NCT 2018 - Empathy Album Download

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