My Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis Experience

I wanted to try gray hair ever since I saw EXO sport it. (Yes I was a hardcore EXO-L before) But it was Chanyeol during the Call Me Baby era that pushed me to try it. I have been blonde / brunette for 8 years now and I think it's time to try something new. 

And where can I try something new at the same time be at ease that the transformation will make me feel and look like a star? Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis.

My hair was brunette on top and blonde on the lower half. 

People thought I tried the ombré look but the truth is, it was a bad DIY. You need to bleach your hair to achieve gray hair. So Mario ( senior stylist) assigned to me suggested that only the brunette part of my hair would be bleached so that somehow it will match the lower half. 

I must say that bleaching is not recommended for newbies who want to try blonde hair. Wrong medicine or wrong estimation in time may cause you hair fall or burning. Bleaching and dyeing hair will really change your hair routine so better be ready financially since you need to buy a couple of products to maintain your hair.

It took us 5 hours to achieve what Mario wanted and it's only the first part of my transformation (bleaching) so beauty really needs time and effort eh?

After having bleaching or color stripping, Mario used Wella 8-11 on my hair to achieve gray hair. They also offer organic dye which is ideal for those who have sensitive scalp. 

Bleaching will cause your hair to become dry and damaged. So it's ideal to have hair treatment after. I also requested Mario to cut my damaged ends so that I can enjoy my gray hair to the fullest. Hair cut by senior stylist costs about Php450 while haircut by Jing Monis himself would cost Php 3500 and it's by appointment. Jing Monis would visit Davao every three months. 

I really like how knowledgeable and friendly their staff is. I asked a series of questions and they really answered it all.

Since their rates is based on length and thickness, it is better to go to the parlor beforehand and do a consultation.

Thank you Senior Stylist Mario, Apple and Crestine for making one of my hair fantasies come true.

For the treatment, I suggest you guys try the Macadamia Natural Oil, it smells great and it will make your hair extra soft. 

They offer wide variety of services so visit Jing Monis at 2F Abreeza Corporate Center (BPO Wing), JP Laurel, Bajada Davao City or call them 296-4465 / 0917 329 1981 / 0998 859 3688
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