Onitsuka Tiger now in Davao

What do Michael Strahan, Emma Watson,Prince William and President Rodrigo Duterte have in common?

They are famous personalites who wear Onitsuka Tiger.

 Founded in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger is Japan's first sports shoe brand by Kihachiro Onitsuka and is Asics premium heritage range.


In 1966, during the pre-olympic trials, Onitsuka Tiger introduced a shoe - formerly known as the Limber - adorned with distinctive crossed stripes that are now synonymous with the brand. Two years later,it garnered global attention during the Mexico Olympic Games and the shoe was renamed the Mexico 66. 50 years later, the Mexico 66 remains iconic as it is when it debuted. 


Contrary to popular belief, Onitsuka Tiger is not an American Brand but Japanese. Their shoes feels special and precious. It is colorful yet minimalist. They are confident in their own style rather than following fashion trends.

Mexico 66, Serrano, Colorado 85, Ultimate 81 and California 78 are their best sellers.

Onitsuka Tiger for babies

All White O.O I want.
Mexico 66 was introduced in 1966 and they were the first shoes with the famous Tiger Stripes and they were worn at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968. Serrano carries on the racing tradition of Onitsuka Tiger, it was inspired by the revolutionary track spikes of the 1970s.

They also sell different kinds of bag.

Pronounced as Onitsuka Taigaa

Whereas the Ultimate 81 was introduced in 1981, one of the models of Onitsuka Tiger that represents 80s style of running shoes. The main feature of this shoe is the cush hole, the three vent holes put on the midsole of the heel area which enabled greater shock absorption. It focuses on stability and lightness.

And I'm so excited to announce that they have their first store here in Davao City at 2F Abreeza Mall beside Max's Chicken. 

Like their Facebook page (OnitsukaTigerDavao) and Follow their Instagram (@onitsukatigerdvo) for updates and promotions. 
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