Korea 2015 Part 2


Incase you have missed the 1st part of my Korea travel diary, PART 1.

Part two of my travel diary starts at Hongdae. The place is well known for its underground culture and self expression in music and in arts. Street performances are common here so it’s a popular hangout place for local youth. Shopping is also ideal here because it’s cheap. Usually places near Universities sell cheaper stuff.
Fresh Strawberry Juice

Banana Milk O.O
If you like sneakers and bags then you must visit Shoppen. It’s a Korean brand that sells affordable shoes and bags as low as 10,000 KRW.

When at stores, don't be shy to ask what their promotion is. It's their term for sale or discounted items. 1+1 means buy 1 take 1. Also when purchasing at stand alone stores, ask for samples, they will give you a lot. It depends on the store.

It's not a sin to try their testers.

Addicting pudding <3

Just tell them that you want to try 1st before buying it. At least one of their staff members knows English so don't worry too much.

Sale items vary from store to store even if they have the same brand. We bought an item at Forever 21 at Myeongdong for regular price and when we visited Hongdae, we checked the same item and it's on sale for 50% off.


I asked one of their SA and she told me that sale items vary from store to store. Also I noticed that sale items are either gathered at the top floor of the store or basement.

So better walk your way up or down for those sale items baby~

I was super lucky when we decided to go to Hongdae because it was raining hard *sarcastic* so there were no street performers so I decided to go to the Trick Eye Museum instead for Instagram worthy photos.

My dad insisted we should eat early dinner before going to the museum, we tried Myth Jokbal. It’s a famous local store that sells pork trotters. I know that may sound weird or exotic for other people.

Well, I did feel and think the same before I tasted Jokbal.  Jokbal is a Korean dish; it’s basically braised pig trotters. Asians may feel familiar with it because chicken feet are common in Asia and this one’s like the pork version of chicken feet.


Anyway, I ended up enjoying eating Jokbal and forgot about the Trick Eye Museum. The Museum closes at 9pm but the last admission is on 8pm so better eat your Jokbal before 8.


 Part 3 Sneak Peak : Seoul Station

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