My Skin Origins : Ultra White Facial Set Review

Hearing raves about this local brand from co bloggers perked up my interest on how this brand's really effective luckily, their Social Media Manager contacted me and asked if I want to try one of their product lines and I said yes immediately. I chose their Ultra Whitening Set and it consists of 6 in 1 Beauty Bar Soap, Toner, Day and Night Cream and Serum. They also included Power Whitening Soap for the body which is not included in the set btw. 

Brand: My Skin Origins
Weight : Soaps : 150g | Toner :100ml | Day and Night Cream: 15g | Serum: 25ml
Price: Php 999 for Ultra White Facial set and Php 190 for the Power Whitening Beauty Bar
Made in : Philippines
Variant / Flavor: Ultra White Facial Set
Other variants : Extreme White Underarm Set , Ultra White Body Set, Acne Perfecting Facial Set and Revitalizing Pinkish Glow Set

I was informed beforehand that I may experience minor peeling and red spots may appear because it's part of the transition from using non natural to natural products. Prior to my trip, I used this product because I had 2 huge zits on my face; one on my cheek and the other one on my chin. I also wanted to have clearer skin so that I'll look better on photos with minimal makeup. I used the toner every 3 days only during that time because I was peeling really ugly, it was not that noticeable from afar but since it's my 1st time experiencing peeling, I found it somewhat disturbing. Also, I was afraid that the red spots may still appear during my trip so I stopped it about 5 days before my departure.

I religiously used the set after I came home and the red spots present last time did not appear anymore. I didn't notice any difference when using the product for about 2 weeks, but my relatives did. My skin was clearer and I realized that my pores became small around the nose area. What really amazed me was that my skin became moisturized in a way that I don't need to apply my usual day cream + aloe vera gel combo to prep up my skin before applying primer and BB Cream.

6 in 1 facial soap : It smells like the typical papaya soap but it doesn't have an overpowering smell. I use the suds then apply it as a mask on my face for about 3-5 minutes or wait for the tingling sensation to occur then was it off to leave my skin squeaky clean. 

Toner : Toner + Night Cream + Serum smells really really good like it has this citrusy smell that makes you want to apply a lot on your face. The toner's the one in charge of the peel so you may want to apply it lighter at first like 3-4 drops or just enough drops to make the cotton pad wet. Then gradually add more if you want the peeling effect to be more effective.  

Night Cream : Aside from the fact I love the smell of it, this one does not feel heavy when applied. I tried other night creams that when applied it feels heavy that you don't want to apply serum afterwards because your face feels heavy . 

Serum : With the Night Cream x Serum combo, I feel tingling sensation for about 15 minutes and it feels like it's eating my skin some sort like that kind of feeling. It's manageable but not totally comfortable but beauty comes with a price right? Also, the feeling of Night Cream + Serum still does not feel heavy on my skin so it's good. 

Day Cream : I'm not a huge fan of the color and smell of day cream but the effect will grow on you. It's ideal for those who are not huge fans of putting a lot of creams and powders onto hour skin. It has SPF 45 and has powder finish. What more could you ask for? 

Body Soap : When I came from the trip, the skin around my ankles were cracked because on the last day of the trip I wore my pants going to the airport and the pants didn't reach my low cut shoes so my ankles were exposed to cold air thus resulting me having cracked ankles. Their body soap which contains Shea Butter helped improve my dry skin condition. It's an ideal for me because I'm not a huge fan of lotion so it keeps my skin more moisturized than normal soaps. Downside is that the soap becomes too mushy when in contact with water so make sure your soap holder has a strainer. 

Pros : 
-available locally
- affordable
- effective
- smells good
- label is informative (Ingredients, Directions, Precautions and Customer Hotline is printed on the label)

Cons : 
- Day and Night cream covers have the same color
- Power Whitening Beauty Bar melts easily. 

4.7/5 If the Day and Night Cream covers have different colors and the Power Whitening Beauty Bar does not melt easily, it'll be a 5/5 for me. But since I'm a klutz, sometimes when I'm in a rush, I bring the night cream instead of the day cream because they have the same cover. 

A big yes. I'm currently using it right now so maybe in the near future and I'm interested in using their other product lines as well. So let's see. 

Highly recommended for those people who want to try something new and effective. It consists only the basic products needed so it lessens your skincare stash so more money to buy other necessities. .

I am very happy that My Skin Origins became my 1st sponsored post. I was not compelled to write a blog post about it but as a sign of my gratitude for believing in me, but I did. I'll not recommend and write a long post like this one if it's not a good product. They have other product lines which may be suitable for you. 

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