Wu Yi Fan : There is a Place MV

Yi Fan released his first MV after he departed from EXO entitled There's a Place. I downloaded his MV and it's a must see. If you were moved by his self composed song then you'll be in tears or on the verge of when watching his MV.

credits to : KrisYeol Finale
You must be wondering why the hell did I categorize it as under Kpop when it's Chinese? Well, we all knew Kris or now called Yi Fan started as the leader of EXO M and I believe he will always be the leader of EXO M no matter what. <#OT12 feels> and another thing is that I support him.
Yes I was disappointed when he filed a lawsuit against SM because it means leaving the group and he's my 2nd bias but as days went by I realized if I was hurt as a fan, how much more if I was him? Training how many hours a day in a foreign country, trying to know people who will become a part of you and eventually their hardwork paid off and they debuted but after 2 years you realized this was not what you really dreamed of and to obtain that dream you need to hurt those people who you considered your family is not an easy thing to do. 

Ever since Kris' lawsuit, my EXO feels really just died down. I didn't watch their every shows unlike what I did before but I always watch videos when they were still complete up until now. Kris is not my ultimate bias, he's like the 2nd but when he departed from the group,  you can really feel there's something missing. The only show I watched and finished was the Happy Camp OT11 version, no more feeling main dancer, no more feeling main vocalist and no more gummy smile. I missed him so much up until now that all my gadgets' wallpaper is him.

Now about the MV, I don't know if it's because of the song or because of the MV itself. The MV has excerpts of the movie which will make fangirls go cray. Yi Fan is an ideal boyfriend in the movie, he will make your heart melt and it will make you excited for the movie. Who knew EXO - M's main rapper could be vocalist? Maybe you guys have a hint ever since he sang Jay Chou's Rainbow? I really like his husky voice. 

The MV is good since it gives you an idea on the movie but it didn't give away the plot, and the end you'll say EHHHH? so that will make you watch the movie. Yi Fan looks really handsome in the MV. He's like the MODEL boy next door because of his height.  I really like the underwater shot and because of that I'll post BTS of that scene I saw on facebook here.

I'll support Yi Fan even if it means getting hurt because he has kissing scenes in the movie like waaaaaae ;______; and I know fangirls would wish they were the girl like me. Kekekeke~

Anyways enjoy the MV. Feels and Comments are appreciated. 
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