J.CO Davao Opening


J.Co craze has finally invaded Davao last November 6,2014!!!  As early as 8am people were lining up to avail their opening promo and also to buy their favorite doughnuts which is now available in Davao after years of waiting.

Prior the event, I looked up their menu to know what to expect and to look forward to. J.Co was so familiar to me I don't know why. I found out that the night before that I tried J.Co before like 2009 circa. I can still remember the experience because it was funny at the same time stupid. I was in Singapore that summer and people were queuing, I also tried to queue curious as to what they were lining for, as I approached the sales representative,  I asked what they were selling, she said new donuts and it was considered a hit in Singapore. I ordered 3 of those donuts to taste them, I didn't remember the brand but I can remember the flavors because they were not common.


J.Co is a company that was founded in 2005 at Jakarta Indonesia specializes on doughnuts, coffee and froyo. They're one of the fastest growing doughnut & coffee chain spreading across Asia.

Being invited by Ms.Alvene Ngo herself was an honor, I was not expecting to be invited since I was neither a lifestyle nor a food blogger. As much as I love food and food photography,  my knowledge in food jargons and terminologies is for noobs so I didn't dare to put up a food blog. So pardon in advance if ever this post will disappoint you.

They served their best seller doughnut which is Alcapone; sweet and addicting. 2 words that best describe it. The sweetness is not extreme so you'll end up eating more than one I believe.  I ended up eating half of the almonds before eating the doughnut itself.

J.Co also let us taste their drinks which was served in cute trial cups. I tried 3 of their drinks namely Green Tea, Cafe Avocado and Iced Chocolate.

Their Green Tea tastes like Starbucks but with a lighter green tea taste. I recommend it to those people who wants to try Green Tea since it's not as strong as they serve in SB.

Cafe Avocado is not as weird as it sounds like. It's a mixture of coffee with a good weird taste which for me doesn't really taste like avocado for me. Among the three this one's my favorite.

Lastly the Iced Chocolate,  I don't know if it was because it was served late that the drink has a watery taste but still it has a strong chocolatey taste which I believe chocoholics unlike me would surely love.

I really want to go back there if the queue is not that long anymore because I want to figure out what drink and doughnut would be my ultimate favorite aside from Alcapone and Don Mochino. Also I want to try their froyo since I'm a fan of froyo and since their doughnuts tastes awesome, maybe their froyo will live up to their name. 

J.Co Donuts & Coffee can be found at Park Dining Area of Abreeza beside Mang Inasal.

Please do like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter for updates about promos and other stuff.

Thank you J.Co and Davao Bloggers for this opportunity <3
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