BTS : Danger MV + Dark and Wild Album Download

Wowowowow. Just saw BTS' s newest MV and I must say it will be a big hit. Haha. Double meaning? Yes yes. Is it me or old school music is coming back? Their newest MV is nothing like their previous ones, this one's more powerful, it's not not purely hip hop there's but a hit of rock there's still BTS flavour to it. You can hear

Bad boy x Hip Hop combo = good looking BTS rocking leather outfits. The song's more of rap than singing but still it's good. As always BTS never fails us with their complex choreography and their timing's impeccable. Last trending song title was Back, now it's Danger?

Kookie playing piano in the beginning was amazing. I mean can this golden maknae be more talented?  It should be platinum maknae already. He can sing / rap / dance / dance ala girl group / plays piano / ultra kawaii, what more can I ask for? It is obvious he's my bias in Bangtan? But I still stan the whole group so don't bash.

I missed their showcase last night but I think it was really good since some of my kpop friends flooded my newsfeed saying how BTS was so good. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy of their showcase. Maybe post them here if you're interested?

It's their 1st full length album so co Army please do support our hardworking boys by voting for them and purchasing their album. Until then, pyong~

BTS - Dark and Wild album

BTS - Danger mp4

Sorry for the super short update, I'm experiencing writer's block as of the moment so I can't post an new post on this blog. 

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