Makeup like a PRO : Summer Beauty Workshop

Hello everyone!  So last Sunday, I attended a summer beauty workshop here in Davao. The mentor is no other than Micah Zurita, she's an experienced trainer and makeup artist. She's a graduate of Maquillage Professional, which proves she knows what she's doing and she's good at it. Miss Micah is an experienced make up artist and the reason why she likes to do workshops is to share her knowledge to newbies like us because she was once a newbie so she can relate. 

So I got the slot of eye make up workshop. I'm so happy to be part of it. One of my weaknesses is eye make up.  I really don't know how to apply eyemakeup especially eyeshadow so what I do personally is use light shimmery eyeshadow so that it won't be obvious if I make a mistake and I changed my makeup style for the past year. Before, I do the Gyaru kind of makeup since I have blonde hair but ever since I changed into a darker shade of blonde or brown, I opted the Ulzzang kind of makeup. 


Anyways, Miss Micah is very soft spoken and easy to talk with so if you have any personal questions about how to put on makeup which is appropriate for yourself.

I was in a rush so I didn't bring my whole makeup kit. Recently, I was trying to minimize my makeup so I came unprepared. So the best thing to do is bring your own personal makeup so that you can practice it. Bring your whole make up kit or closet if you have one. 


You can learn tips on how to contour your eyebrows to achieve the infamous arch. She even gave me a demo on how my eyebrows should look like. But being a loyal Korean aesthetic follower, I prefer the thick straight brows. 


What I noticed about arch brows is that it makes you look fierce and sexy while straight brows make you look cute and young. It's my personal opinion. I'm the kind of person who seldom wears a lot of makeup so straight brows are for me, I don't need to maintain them since I don't need to shape them every now and then. I even dye my brows so I don't apply mascara on them everyday. (HAHA.)

She will also teach you on how to put on eyeshadow correctly.  The open and closed banana are their jargons on how to apply eyeshadow depending on your eye shape so you can ask her what's appropriate for your eye shape.  

Basically, the eye make up workshop talks about how to trim and do your eyebrows, how to apply eyeshadow correctly,  how to curl your eye lashes to achieve the natural curl and how to apply mascara.

The Sunday workshop I joined was a small group so she can assist and answer all of your questions unlike the Saturday workshop. I like the way on how she teaches because she will do the other side of your face then you try to copy it, if the group's small but if there are many attendees then she needs a model to be her muse. 

Miss Micah can do one on one session workshop or you can gather your friends and have a group of three. You can contact her via her Facebook page: and PM her.

Thank you for Miss Micah, Davao Bloggers and Bigby's for the experience.  Hope there's more to come.
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