Sistar : Give It To Me

Hi guys! I'm back but unfortunately or fortunately I'm here to write about Kpop, but I promise I'm working on a review but it seems I'm finding a hard time on how the layout should be. So sorry for that but for Kpop fans, rejoice! I'm here to feature 3 groups though I'll be writing them in different posts to be more organized. Ok enough blabbering.  ∩( ・ω・)∩

The 1st group I'm about to feature or talk about is Sistar and they're back with their 'Give It To Me' single which I find very sexy. Their concept is somewhat related to the circus x burlesque with the tall hats, suspended ring, staff and sexy shiny shimmery clothes. These girls never fail to amaze me with their versatility, they can do cute concepts like Shady Girl and Loving U and sexy ones like Give it to Me and Alone. Well for one even their sub unit Sistar 19 is successful. I hope that the 2 girls namely Dasom and Soyu would be given more lines, (;へ:) not that I hate Hyorin since I admire the girl's strong vocals but I just want the 2 girls be given the same limelight as Hyorin and Bora.

Ok enough with my thoughts about the group and enjoy their new song and I believe even girls would find them sexy. Hopefully their song would make it to top charts. It's not hard to get hooked with the song since it has a catchy tune.
ENJOY~!  (´ω`★)

Give It To Me MV:

credits to: STARSHIP Entertainment

And let me present to you their performance in Mapo-gu, Seoul Arts Center:

credits to:SistarDaily
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