After School : First Love

One of the most underrated group in Kpop made a comeback. Σ(▼□▼メ) I really believe they should win awards for this comeback because aside from their bruises and broken leg/s, they deserve it. They never  fail us to bring out their different sides; flirty, sexy and cute side. Not only they are sexy, pretty and talented but also hardworking. Even though some members have already graduated like Bekah and Kahi, it's still After School. Maybe someday their efforts will be rewarded, but as to when, that I do not know.

The new MV's concept is somewhat new and provocative to Korean market. It's already difficult to follow a dance routine how much more do pole dancing while following a routine. The girls have already amazed me with their Because of You single due to the message of the song but my mind was blown when they released the next song Bang. They learned how to use drums and I have read an article before that they practiced the choreography of Bang 1st before learning their Because of You routine, now that's what you call hardworking. I find their outfits for this video a bit to sexy but then again they can pull it off without being sleazy. So enjoy the video and let us support After School so they can get the attention and limelight they deserve. (^_-)≡★

First Love MV :


Comeback Stage at Music Core :

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