To Be Free

I have never been confident with my body. Maybe because as a child I was overweight and I experienced bullying  because I was fat. Let me clear this, I was overweight, not obese. Like every girl, I want to have the VS modelesque structure that everyone would die for. Or maybe a healthier version like Blake Lively or Angelina Jolie. But not everyone has been blessed with small body types, I for one is an example. My weight today is the thinnest body I ever had (except when I was a baby)>DUH. Slowly, I have been accepting my body and somewhat I am free from the weight issues. But not really totally! I mean I am a girl. A girl has insecurities every now and then so yea.  I just need to dress up in a way to flaunt my assets and cover up my imperfections. My relatives say my best asset is my legs so I try to wear dresses, skirts or shorts always and try to avoid pants because I have big thighs.

"Contentment is an issue that everyone confronts. "

It is a quote I got from a sermon in church and I think it is true. I mean even the most beautiful girl or the richest guy can never be contented because we as humans were made that way. If we were perfect, then life would be boring. We would not strive to achieve something, we would not exert our efforts to win someone's heart, we would not find a higher being to make us complete.

So there, I believe that everyone has his or her own struggles when it comes to contentment. I am not saying I am free from this issue but somehow, little by little, I am trying to free myself.  But let me start off about my weight issues first.

Moving on to my outfit post,  I dress like this every Sunday for church. Very laidback since I am there for my soul and I want to be comfortable hearing the sermon. Dresses are God sent to people like me who wants to be girly but sometimes if not always too tired to mix and match. I wore a long cardigan to be decent in church, I don't want people to think I am provocative or anywhere near that, and black flats. My flats are simple but they are really really comfortable. I do not regret getting them from a store in Bugis Street where they were selling them for 8SGD because they were moving out.

Tube Dress: Billabong | Long Cardigan: RU Jeans | Flats: Schu | Watch: Baby G | Spiked Cuff: Tomliz

Is it better if I post the brands horizontally (like ^) or vertically (like in my previous posts)?
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