Jipaban Christmas Giveaway

Our favorite holiday, aside from Black Friday is fast approaching. Our friends from Jipaban is kind enough to host a giveaway this Christmas which makes the holidays even better. Who could resist cute gifts right?  Anyway, let us know more about Jipaban. Ok? So Jipaban is one of the biggest online shopping mall in Singapore if not the biggest. They sell a variety of items from books to DVDs to novelty items and of course men's and women's apparel.  So follow the instructions given by our our generous sponsor and have a chance to win. And don't forget to like their Facebook page to show some love.

Jipaban welcomes the season of joy and giving this year by fulfilling your Christmas wish. Make a wish here. Tell us what you would like from Jipaban’s awesome Christmas gift guide (http://www.jipaban.com/gift-guide-christmas) -whether its for you or your loved ones. Join us, share the love and your wish might just come true. :)

Terms and Conditions:
*Items chosen must be sold at jipaban.com
*Giveaway ends 25th December 2012

So, here's my Jipaban wishlist:
1. La Sardina & Flash (Cubic)
Ever since I started having interest on photography, I always use the digital ones, from point and shoot to DSLR. So I want this La Sardina camera so I can look at the world in a different lens and I want to try film photography so this is the perfect camera for me.

2.Gift Voucher worth SGD 100
With this, you can purchase gifts for your loved ones not just for yourself. Remember Christmas is all about giving, not receiving.

3.Hello Kitty Union Jack Series Shoulder Pouch
Hello Kitty (✔), Union Jack (✔✔). So who in the world could resist a British Kitty? Well not me. Hello Kitty is not for kids only, she invaded the hearts of both young and old generations, including me. Well, not really a die hard fan of HK but I find her cute.

So all you need to do is:
1.Browse on their official mall, http://www.jipaban.com.
2.Choose the items you want.
3.Post it on their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Jipaban)

Very easy right? and this is an International Giveaway. So friends from all over the globe, join and have a chance to be extra merry this Christmas.

*I am not their ambassador, I just want you guys to know about this giveaway so that all of us could feel the spirit of Christmas! How I wish I am their ambassador.
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