Singapore 2012

So this is my first time doing a travel blog, so pardon me if I don't do things the way a travel bloggers do.
This is my favorite country so far since I started traveling to the point that this trip was my fourth time to come here but the city never ceases to amaze me with its new attractions, scrumptious food and warm people. Singapore can be considered to be the  "America of Asia". Even though their land area is small, it did not hinder them to achieve their dream to become a progressive country. It is unimaginable how a small fishing village before became one of the Asian Tigers today.

(I felt like a student again while typing this. I can go on spurting info like an Asian Geek but I need to restrain myself. ) 
Also sorry for the over overdue post, I need to be inspired to write stuff and I have been, well, uninspired to due circumstances. Stop. Just go to the photos directly.

From Changi Airport to your hotel, you can ride a train or a taxi but since we arrived late at night and the train was  closed, we opted to ride a taxi. Do not worry about taxi drivers taking advantage of you, they will never do that  because are honest people, you only pay what's seen on the taxi meter but I need to warn you that they add a couple of dollars especially if you ride them during wee hours.

This time, I stayed at Ang Mo Kio. It is a residential area since my mom and I stayed at her friend's apartment. But during our previous trips, we stayed at Novena, Little India and Geylang respectively. And yes, I know that Geylang is a Red Light District but I thought it would be fun staying there but it seems I did not inform my mom and she was a bit shocked. lol

Random Kid wearing Ben To shirt, it should be Ben 10 :))

One of the schools located at Ang Mo Kio. And I thought Townsville was only fictional. >> Hint: PPG's Town *wink wink*
Another thing I love about this city is how they incorporate mother nature to their modern city. They plant a lot of trees alongside the road so walking is somewhat bearable
You must go here whenever you go to Singapore. It is located near Little India though it is nearer to Ferrer Park Train Station then exit gate F. Mustafa Centre is a one stop shop of everything, from watches, pasalubongs (home coming gifts),chocolates,mochis, jewelry, perfumes and such. One of the things why tourists love this place is beacuse it is open 24 hours.
Insider trip: I buy my Ipanema slippers here for half the price compared to the Philippines. And yes it is original.
When you go to Mustafa Centre make sure to go to their cafe, Mustafa Cafe, located outside the centre. They serve Halal certified food so no worries for people who do not eat pork. Fish and Chips is a must I tell you!

Meet Scotty! My friend's pup. Cho Kawaii ne?~
One of the old coffee stalls in Singapore, Ya Kun. It started in 1940's and up until now, it is still famous.
I tried their Cheezy French Toast and partnered it with Iced Milo. I questioned myself why did I not try this before? I hope Ya Kun would reach Davao soon.
One of the cool installation arts located at Orchard Road.
The reason why fashionistas go to Singapore during May-July is the Grand Singapore Sale! The stores have promos like if you buy three then additional discount,I mean who could resist sale items with additional discount? Yes even huge brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada and Miu Miu have discounts.

Infamous Duck Rice! Since Peking Duck is expensive in the Philippines, I eat Duck Rice almost everyday since it is widely available here and the price is Php15 more expensive than Chicken Rice (Another Hainanese Dish)

My mom's new addiction: Taro Milk tea. I tell you they have the best Taro Milk tea taste compared to other brands I have tasted.

Another chic installation art at Orchard Road.
Garrett's Popcorn. The best popcorn ever! I first tasted it in 2010 and it became an instant hit that I promised myself that everytime I go to Singapore, I need to eat one.A Big Bag costs about SGD13 or PHP 442, expensive right. But once you taste it every penny is worth it, talk about food coma for PHP 442. It is even considered to be one of Oprah's Favorite Things. This flavor is Chicago Mix:combination of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn and is one of their best sellers.
Guess Perfume Tester Tag. Very expensive looking  tester right?
As I have told earlier additional discount on sale items brought to you by GSS.
 Bugis Street is a one stop shop or street for this matter where they sell latest trends in clothes, shoes, accessories (hats, clips, false lashes,watches) at a reasonable price. They also have series of parlors on the second floor that offer different services like hair extension and  have wide variety of colors to choose from the normal black, brunette, blonde and redhead to neon green, yellow, blue. You name it they have it!

I even snapped a photo of Jay Park when he was on the huge TV. Kpop fans rejoice! Because Kpop is very popular in Singapore, they play music videos and concert videos on MTV. They even sell posters on malls like the one I saw at  Bugis+, they were selling Big Bang posters. Next time I would buy my own canister to put my posters inside it so that it would not be damaged during travel.
Topshop Window Display at Bugis Junction. Summer/Spring Fashion that focuses on pastels. I love the pink spiked slip-ons and would have bought them if they were not pink.

Another favorite food at SG is the Chicken Breast/Thigh sold at Dong Dae Mun. I go to Dong Dae Mun whenever I have korean food cravings.
P.S it is a food stall not a place unlike in Korea.

Another Dong Dae Mun favorite: Tteokbokki (Spicy Ricecake Stew)
Street Food from Bugis Street. This is the biggest fish ball I have seen in my life and I made a ritual to eat one whenever I go here. Bugis Street also sells good food like juices for $1 and street food of many kinds.
A kid playing with the fountain in front of BHG.

On our last day, my cousin decided to treat us to one of the famous Seafood restaurant.
It is the first time I tasted Bamboo Clams. Gosh they were heavenly in every bite. I did not eat much rice during this meal because I want more room for seafood goodness.
Last but not the least, the famous Black Pepper Crab. In my opinion, it tastes better than the Butter Crab They pronounce it as "Black Pepper crepe". I have no idea why. Can you guys enlighten me on this one?

Sorry if this trip did not cover theme parks or other tourist spots because this trip was planned for the Grand Singapore Sale and I already went to the parks on my past trips. This is a sponsored trip by my dad. How I wish it was sponsored by Singapore Tourist Ministry though.
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