Miss Tangerine


This is what I wore on my niece's birthday party, last October 13. (Late upload again. hoho). We were late so I didn't get a glimpse of the birthday girl because she was sick that day. At least we made use of the photobooth before eating and we were their last ''models". To commemorate a happy event, I wore a happy color, Orange. Orange makes me happy, idk why but it makes me feel giddy. I paired my dress with orange shoes which I bought from Mango. This shoes were on sale for SGD 139 but the cashier told me that the shoes were not less 30% but 50%. What a steal! From 199 to 99. That's why I love shopping at Singapore. To tone down my orange theme, I opted to bring my LV Damier Neverfull GM. I know it is a big bag but I am a fan of big bags so even in semi-formal occasions, I bring big bags.

Dress: Yano'V
Bracelets and Ring: Love Diva
Watch: Baby - G
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Louis Vuitton 
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