I was searching for the perfect Lace shorts since I saw it at some magazines but I let the opportunity pass me when I opt not to buy the lace shorts at Gmall but I knew there will be a better styles. So one day while I go thrift shopping, I found this shorts which was comfy and branded. By this time, I did not pass the opportunity and bought it right away, boy I was right. I felt like wearing boyshort pajamas in style, paired it off with knitted top with detachable collar to achieve cho-kawaii look and leopard slip-ons to add some fierceness to the cho-kawaii.

Knitted Shirt: Mom's Closet
Detachable Collar: Far East Plaza
Shorts: Ingni
Shoes: Rubi

Wearing comfortable clothes does not mean you cannot be fashionable. With a lot of brands invading the internet and our malls, our search for comfortable x fashionable clothes would not be so hard anymore. Enjoy shopping for clothes that would embody yourself especially Kadayawan is near!
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