Skin Food : Ancient Rice Emulsion Review

It has been a long time since I did my first review. (What a lazy ass blogger) .

My mom has been scolding me since time and memorial about how I disregard skin care. Well, I was complacent as always because I do not have any acne or any major problems about my skin except when Finals start because due to stress and worry somehow my skin breaks out 4 pimples at the same time (Worst experience, 4 years ago.) Since I graduated recently I have been thinking of taking care of my skin. No more finals to worry! My mom bought this moisturizer for my dad, yes my dad because he is more vain in skincare than me. Hoho. I have been using it on and off but I decided to use it straight these past few weeks and boy I am addicted to it! I want to purchase my own skin care products asap but I need to halt it since Hada Labo is not available here in Davao and I wish I could buy their products in my upcoming trip to Vietnam. Not that I am not satisfied with this product but I want to their the bloggers craze about Hada Labo. Even though you have good skin, you need to take care of it especially when you have dry skin.

Benefits of Using Moisturizer:
 1. Decelerate skin aging process.
-Dryness or people who have dry skin tend to have wrinkles when they age so as much as possible we need to prevent them because prevention is better than cure.
2. Healthy Looking Skin (Radiant / Glowing) 
3. Hold make-up better
 - you can use moisturizer as base. 2 in 1 function, hold make up better and moisturize skin. How wicked!

 The bottle is big for a product that only has 155ml in it but it looks cute and sophisticated in your shelf so who cares? Well, I have little containers for creams so I put some there so that I can bring it anywhere. Sometimes, I only use moisturizer and lipgloss when feeling lazy or just running some errands.
Evidence that I did not wear make up last Sunday. No powder, BB cream or even concealer just moisturizer and lipgloss.
 I personally don't like the this specific part because most of the time I put too much of it on my hand and I can't put it back in the container.So I either put it on top of this or put it in another small container.Also because you cannot re-use the bottle for future purposes.
The consistency of the emulsion is just right. Not too thick like cream and not too thin like toner-ish. I think emulsion is made that way.
 My skin does not look oily / glossy at all so you can wear moisturizer on lazy days to let your skin breathe once in a while.

Product Name: Ancient Rice Emulsion Skin Food
Size: 155ml
Price: Php 1,300-1,500 (I think the exact price was Php 1,350. Check out the nearest Skin Food outlet

Product Overview: The valuable red, green and black rice were served for the royal family of United Silla, an ancient kingdom of Korea. Depending on their color, they provide different nutrients that benefit your skin.
- Red Rice: Enriched with polyphenols, a potent antioxidant.
- Green Rice: Chlorophylls, a green plant pigment have superb anti-inflammatory properties.
- Black Rice: Enriched with anthocyanins, a chemical that increases elasticity in skin, results in a dark color.

 - Smells good (light powdery smell)
- it leaves skin supple right after usage
- does not leave skin looking oily
- products consistency is just right: not too thick and not to thin.
- packaging is durable
- my blemishes whitened
- my skin looks healthier

- bottle is too big and heavy to bring when traveling
- cannot re use the bottle

Repurchase? Definitely. Maybe I get my hands on Hada Labo. 

I think the product is good since it helped my skin get rid of some dark spots and skin looks healthy (no more pale zombie me!). The price is reasonable since it is Skin Food and you can use it for more then 4 months depending on how many times you use it and how much do you apply on your face. Prevention is better than cure so teenagers and especially yuppies, take care of you skin as early as today. I recommend this to people who have dry skin like me.

How to apply moisturizers / creams / emulsions :

1.Clean your face with facial wash.
2. Pat dry with towel.
3. Apply moisturizer by putting small dabs of it on your skin. Avoid the eye and lip area.
4. Spread it on your face using 3 fingers : Middle, Ring and Pinky Finger.
    Why? Because these fingers do not have much pressure compared to Index and Thumb.
    Is too much pressure when applying cream bad? Yes because it will make your skin sag.
    Do not put too much product on your face because the results will still be the same.
5.Pat your face. Pat do not slap. Well if you deserve one, why not?:p jk. Pat so that the product will be thoroughly absorbed by you skin.

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