WINNER : Empty MV + Color Ring MV + 2014 S/S Album Download

After almost a year of waiting, WINNER debuted!  My feels for them were very strong on 2013 hoping they would debut the next year during the 1st quarter but then again as we all know Papa YG is one hell of a troll so he decided to push back their debut. But every YG artist I believe is worth the wait because Papa YG pushes them to do their best and I think WINNER would be one of the best rookies out their since their debut album is a product of their hardwork. 

During their WIN days, I'm not a fan of them at first because they don't have an ounce of teamwork like their 5 individuals forced to form a group. I was more of a Team B noona fan that time since their style screams YG (hiphop upgraded version of their dancing skills). We must admit Team B dances better as a group compared to A but Team A's voices are distinct and unique compared to Team B. 

That was my dilemma during the half of the show, I was even wishing that YG would just let them all debut and make a big group like EXO. HAHA. Imagine YG's expenses when all 11 of them will wear expensive clothes since we all know how fashionable YG coordi noonas / oppas are. 

I have a lot to say but I'll cut it short since you're here for the MV not for my rant and feels. Enjoy my fellow inner circle chingus~ Comments, Suggestions or Random comments are welcome.

credits to : WINNER

NO time to write a long post since I'm busy spazzing over them.

You guys can download the HQ versions of their MV in mp4 format : Empty + Color Ring while the full album download here.

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