Ettusais : BB Mineral Cream #10 Review


Hello! I'm back!! Actually I have a couple of reviews on standby BUT I can't write any post about it. Photos were uploaded and I have an idea on what to write but I can't think of other ways to make my posts more interesting to you guys. Any suggestions? Comments are welcomed.

Moving on, as much as I want to jump into the bandwagon of using CC cream, I can't because I have 2 BB creams as of the moment and I just used the 2nd bottle recently even though the 1st bottle's not yet finished. The main reason as to why I have purchased this is specific BB cream is because of Miss Tricia Gosingtian. Haha. There. End of blog post. Done. Kidding.  


My other BB cream from Etude was the shimmery type and sometimes I do hate using it because I find my skin too oily looking even though I have dry skin. This one by Ettusais is the matte type and it has 3 different shades. Some BB creams I know only have 2 shades so this one's better. I bought the #10 which is the lightest shade. It's closer to my skin tone compared to #20, btw I have the yellowish chinese skintone. 

*please refer to their official website to view more of their products and see the other shades of this BB cream. 

I bought it at BHG Bugis since it's not available here in Davao but I think it's available in Manila. I was also suppose to buy their powder but a day before I bought Majolica Majorca powder which was on sale so I just bought the BB cream. It's more expensive than Etude since it is a Japanese product. Japanese cosmetics costs more than Korean ones btw. It's a bit small for its price, 40g for 38SGD.

I also saw their site before hand and one of the things that triggered me to buy this is it's 79% made of skincare ingredients,   which I think has a higher percentage compared to other brands? So it does not only cover your blemishes but it also let your skin be pampered at the same time. Please take note that BB creams have a thin coverage which means blemishes like dark spots or freckles are not totally covered. Yes it lightens but it does not do what concealers do. But I think BB cream is great for everyday use, well I do.

Product Overview :
- 40g
- Made in Japan
- SPF 30++
- Made up of 79% skincare ingredients
- Contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin

Pros :
- matte type
- no fragrance
- keeps face oil free
- has 3 shades
Cons :
- a bit expensive
- not available in Davao
One of the best BB creams I have used so far and if given the chance, I would also like to try their concealer or press powder and see maybe it will really make my skin look flawless. It may be a bit expensive compared to other brands but it's good so why not spend more? It's not every month you'll buy BB creams right? On days when I'll go out from afternoon till night or for events, I use this BB cream with my tinted moisturizer so thicker coverage than the usual but on ordinary days, I just use this as is.

 Selcas of me wearing the said product ^_^\/

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