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One of the must have item in your closet is a denim dress. It's timeless and you can wear it on any season. But I think it's perfect during summer. Denim dresses are ragged yet can still make you dainty if paired up with cute florals or paisley pieces. Denim is a timeless piece so investing in a good denim is wise.

For this outfit, I can't remember where I got this dress because it has been with me for years. But I think my mom bought it for me. It's reversible but I always use the denim side. It's cotton with a denim color so I am wear it during our summer which I say still exists even in August. Second half of the year was suppose to be rainy season but we have a bipolar weather so in the morning until afternoon it's sunny while in the evening it rains like cats and dogs.

I paired it off with my doc martens inspired paisley boots to complete my ragged look and for a hint of daintiness, I wore loose socks which I got from Isetan for 7 SGD. My dad once told me why was I wearing old loose socks that I should buy a new one but he didn't know that it was the trend, cute right?

I always and will believe denim looks better with brown and white thus the brown Burberry bucket bag. After the purchase, I only discovered that it was featured in Man from the stars but in white color. That was the reason why the Korean lady before us bought the black version of this bag. It's my current favorite bag as of the moment because it's 2 in 1.

Also instead of boring photos, I decided to try make a gif out of it and I never knew it would that easy and fun. Is it better this way? Comments are greatly appreciated. Don't forget to hype up and be my fan of lookbook, I'll fan you back (^-^~)\/

Dress : Gift | Belt (not shown) : Esprit | Boots : Bugis | Socks : Isetan | Bag : Burberry

*sorry for the mini hiatus because my body clock's adjusting because of work, when I get home I eat, read a little then sleep. no more time to think what to post but will post a review this week hopefully.
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