Miss Orange Me Glad

I wore this outfit about more than a month ago to an event. Since it was a workshop, I opted to wear something comfortable thus the shorts. You can move freely with shorts compared to mini skirts because there's a slim chance of seeing your undies compared to skirt.  I have this habit of pairing fit shorts with loose top. 

I can still remember I bought or rather my mom bought this top about 2 years ago for only 10sgd. What a steal right? Cotton On was having their sale and I have to say their Cotton On is way better than here in Davao. Their prices are cheaper and the sale items are numerous. Cheap prices mean blouses or shirts costs about 10 SGD which is about 350php and sometimes accessories costs only 2 SGD or 70 php. I rarely shop at Cotton On here in Davao because the choices are limited. I rarely buy regular priced items unless they're cheap shoes. 

Big tote bags = girls best friend. In any occasion aside from black tie ones, having a tote bag can do wonders. You can put a lot of items inside without worrying about leaving them, though it can be a bit disorganized. And these kind of tote bags are not suitable in our country since the zipper's not present so I rarely use this bag. 

This is my 2nd orange heels. I have this undeniable attraction towards orange shoes, may it be flats or heels. This shoes were on sale and it has 3 colors if I remember correctly; orange, tan and yellow. Other colors were not that vibrant and I'm into vibrant colored shoes so I bought this one. I can still remember that this pair was suppose to be 139SGD from 200? and when I went to the counter, I only paid 99SGD. The lady said I was lucky because the markdown was implemented just that morning.  

Top : Cotton On | Shorts : Lanvin en Bleu | Shoes : Mango | Accessories : Tomliz | Bag : Burberry

Had problems with my lookbook again hence the late hype button. T.T Also had problems with the image quality again so I had to edit and change photo formats to maintain the sharpness.
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