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As much as I want to update every now and then, I can't. I'm too devastated with the recent accidents and events that are happening around the world like the sinking ship in Korea, abduction of girl happening in Nigeria, natural calamity/ ies happening in Chile and Indonesia and Ukraine is on the brink of civil war. You can't do anything for them because you can't be there physically so the only thing we can do is pray for them.  I can't even write stories. I just hope all will end well. Everyday is another day which means everyday there's a new hope.


 About this outfit, I wore this about a month ago during the Still Alive in Cinemas. I was not able to go to the concert because of financial issues. I love Kpop but my parents don't really support me with this hobby. My money was enough for a ticket but I need extra money for accommodation and plane fare which sadly I don't have so I ended up sulking that day. Up until now, I did not watch any fancams, I am that bitter. Hopefully, I can see my oppas soon because I have been their fan for years now, like 6 years?

 Since I was just going to watch movies, I opt to wear something comfortable hence the flats, the skirt and the loose shirt. I must add that leather skirts are must haves in your closets, if you don't have one, you must purchase one. Currently, I am looking for another leather skirt with a classic design or maybe shorts? I seldom wear jackets when going to movies except in night time, I realized that cinemas are extra cold during night so I didn't bring any that day. I was also extra happy that day because I bonded with one of my old kpop friend/ batchmate. We were not that super close but we talk a lot since we have a lot of similarities, we even have the same crushes way back in highschool, so we have a lot to talk about, from kpop to highschool to college and even about early adult problems.

Top and Skirt : Forever 21 | Flats : Cotton On | Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs

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