2NE1 : Happy and Comeback Home MV

Our Queens released 2 MVs today! Yay! Happy and Comeback Home. 2 totally different songs but still 2NE1 can rock it.

The first one released was Happy. The song and the MV really lived up to its name, it makes you happy. The MV has a Japanese feel with their colorful fashion which I believe is inspired by Harajuku fashion. The stickers looked like they came straight from a purikura machine. Now I miss Japanese culture.

The clothes and the hair have a Japanese feel but it feels the venue's in America I believe? There was even a special cameo by one of friends, Jeremy Scott. Wow. I think almost all their ensembles are from JS because it screams him.

About the MV, Dara's hair was weird and artistic at the same time and I believe not all people can pull it off but as expected of our resident goddess, she can. Bom unnie was so sexy, Minzy was cutie patootie while CL has her undying swag. The MV really makes me smile and happy and makes me want to spend time with my friends.

The other MV I believe has a deeper meaning. It's futuristic  and anarchic. Where world order and desires are not satisfied. This is the time wherein people are addicted to "Virtual Paradise" where people can control their wants and attain happiness.( It's similar to Matrix.)

The people in Virtual Paradise are happy, contented and everything's just perfect.They can be who they want to be and live to it. The real world is where Dara is with 2ne1 while the Virtual Paradise is where Dara is with the guy. So 2NE1 were finding ways to engage themselves into the virtual paradise to destroy it internally. To let people wake up and make the real world a better place rather than just dreaming of it to be.

In the real world where sacrifice, pain and goodbye is present, it is still bearable to live since we know it's real whereas living in Virtual Paradise where all painful things are non existent but we
know we're just fooling ourselves. We should get out of our Virtual Paradise and relate to other people in real world. As they say, truth lacerates but it liberates.

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