Lucido-L : Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil Review

I'm back with an awesome product that is considered a must have in your beauty kit. Was there a time wherein you can't comb your hair due to extreme frizz? Your hair looks dry and lifeless as a zombie? Well, better read this post to find out the best solution for your needs.

I have been dying my hair for about 5 years now, non stop. As a result, I have been experiencing dry hair for more than 2 years now. Dry to the extent I can't comb it if I use shampoo everyday so I need to use shampoo only twice a week and use conditioner most of the time. I believe even the healthiest hair can become dry and frizzy if it's not being well taken care of.

This product has been a great help to me these past months and also to my mom. One night she came to my room asking me if I can help her with her hair problem. She can't comb her hair and if she does, hello hair fall. So aside from constant hot oil, Silk Secrets, I use this product everynight before I go to sleep. It's  called hair supplement by Lucido. I saw this product while roaming around Watsons. I swear you can find array of must try products at Watsons, it has been my habit for months now.

Anyways, Lucido is a Japanese brand and as I stated, I have a weakness for Japanese and Korean products. The bottle costs 295 if not on sale but if you're lucky enough, sometimes they have 20-50% off. 300 may seem expensive for hair supplement but hello it came from Japan and you can use it for months. 2 drops would suffice my hair (semi-long length). One for the ends and one for my crown.

When you wake up the next morning, you can feel the softness of your hair that you did not experience before. You can comb your hair with your fingers. In addition, the hair supplement is not only exclusive to those who have straight hair, they also have a variant for those who have naturally curly hair.

- affordable
- available nationwide
- has fruity smell
- versatile; for straight and curly hair
- effective
- cute packaging

As of the moment, I don't have any cons about the product. As long as its effective, I'll buy and use it. For its price, every cent is worth it. It's a heaven sent product to those people who are desperate to revive their dead hair due to numerous salon treatments. It will help you really but I can't promise to bring back your healthy virgin like hair. Try it and send some comments on my blog. Your comments, questions and encouragements are welcomed.

This is not a sponsored post.
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