2013 SBS Gayo Daejun

So far Gayo Daejun has been the best awards night so far this year. Best collaborations but camera sucks bigtime! I believe all fans are somewhat pissed off with the camera man. Are you?

credits to : allkpop.com

Here's the full playlist of the whole 2013 Gayo Daejun Performance:

Personally, CL x Hyori and GD x Taeyang are the best collaborations. Yes maybe because I am a YG Stan but don't you guys agree with me too? Thank you Teddy oppa for Bad Girls and Baddest Female remix.

*Hyori Unnie, why are you so sexy? You're 30+ but still smoking hot while I'm 20+ and looks like an elephant?

What I like about Bigbang or GD and YB for this performance is they know how to have fun on stage but thank you cameraman *sarcastic* for making the moment more perfect.

I also like the collab stage between Girls' Day and A Pink. I find it weird that A Pink is dancing sexy, I think they better stick to cutesy concept.

I am also somewhat disappointed with 2NE1's stage, CL's voice seems to be tired so I hope they let the girls rest and congratulations to Dara unnie for being an awesome MC. It may not be your best stage but once a blackjack,always a blackjack.

EXO's concept wherein they divided their group into 6 then danced onto the rotating disk is daebak but I got dizzy by watching it.The remix dance part was so effin smexy~

Let's not forget After School, equipped with their all black outfits,dark hair and sexy moves for First Love. Jung ah and Nana sported dark hair! At first I can't believe it's Nana, she has been blonde for so long I can't imagine her with dark hair then here comes Gayo Daejun.

Lastly, SNSD's catchy song, Express, they were just enjoying the stage and playing. So cute~

credits to : SBSNOW1

So far, those are the performances I liked but I'm still watching all the performances so these comments and biases are partial.
Also, to view all the performances, just visit the link above.

I almost forgot about the Parody for this year, It's Masters Sun + The Heirs. So, here's the English subbed parody.

credits to : EXO LIVE VOD
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