EXO : Wolf Drama Version K & M

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Annyeong! So here's a short post about EXO's newest MV, Wolf Drama Version. I know Exotics have been waiting for this MV for almost a month now and unexpectedly SM, dropped the bomb.

 EXO - Wolf Drama Ver. Korean Ver.

EXO - Wolf Drama Ver. Chinese Ver.

credits to : SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel 

So I was having dinner with my parents at one of my old favorite coffee shops, then a friend texted me saying that the MV was out. I was like WHAT? So I leeched the coffee shop's wifi and downloaded the MV right away. I was so happy when I saw my hubby's face aka LUHAN.He was the protagonist of the MV. How I understood the MV: He is not one of us. He is different from us. He was given a task as to what was that, that I do not know yet. The girl was looking at the moon at daylight (WEIRD, IKR?, then she fell asleep, when she woke up it was already night time so she decided to go home. On the other hand, Luhan was chased by some gangsters or delinquents then he grabbed the girl to keep her quiet then they looked at each other's eyes. After that, he enrolled to a new school and gained new friends, EXO and the girl. Then one night while they were accompanying the girl to the bus stop, the same group that chased Luhan beforehand challenged him to a fight wherein EXO gladly accepted. While they were fighting, Luhan saw that his friends were suffering so he used his inhuman powers and fought with the bad guys, in the process, he hurt D.O. The girl arrived because she stepped down on the bus and followed them, then she asked "Who are you?", "What are you?". After that, TO BE CONTINUED.

I love how manly Luhan is in the video, I love how EXO wore uniforms in their own fashion. It would every fan girl's dream to be classmates with EXO right? I'm watching the MV all over again for the nth time now.  I'm just disappointed the the MV for both versions were the same.

Some EXO parody screencaps I found online:

Translation:Luhan, I'll put you in charge. I'll go to an art school.

*I'm still contemplating on what product I should review next. and for my fashion posts, I'm totally uninspired to do photoshoots or OOTD shots using my SLR as of the moment, I'm really sorry. 
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