Etude House : Gold Brown Bubble Hair Color Review

So I have been sporting this bright hair color for almost a month now and I want to make a review about the hair color. Well, I used bubble hair color from √Čtude House, the golden blonde.

As a starter, it has been my 2nd time using the product but I have used the natural brown one for the former. The product is great for beginners and also for people who want to try different hair color. It is very easy to use and the colors are not that loud.

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Don't be too paranoid when buying the lightest shade because you will never achieve the color that the box advertises, unless you're blonde or your hair had been bleached beforehand. 

Well,unlucky for me, I was not satisfied with it since the blonde one did not make me blonde or even close to being one. I know that we should not trust the packaging. And in order to achieve the color in the packaging we need to be blonde first or bleach our hair. The price is reasonable and the process is fun. For 400, you get to experience different hair color and it's fun to experience the bubble foam. I never get tired of using it.

 So you'll get Coloring Solution #1 &2, Manual, Plastic Gloves and Robe and Silky Perfume.
The foam is strongly recommended for first time users since the color will be spread evenly unlike the conventional one wherein you need someone to apply it for you so that the color would be fair. Well on the other side, I don't like for the fact that the color won't last for more than 2 months in your head. It does stay in your head but it fades faster. So if you want to have permanent color, I suggest you still need to go to your parlor.

- affordable
- available worldwide
- easy to use
- fun
- 6 colors to choose from

- color not loud enough
- not permanent
- one time use
- manual in hangul

Final verdict? I would still purchase this product anytime because it excites me on how my hair will turn out. Sometimes, I tell my stylist to surprise me with what hair color would they like me to sport since they know more about what would look good on you. Also, this product is cheaper than Japanese bubble dyes like Prettia and Etude House has many branches so you can purchase this product anytime. On the other side, how I wish the color would not fade fast after 1 month and also add more colors to choose from if possible. Oh I almost forgot that, I think they need to have an English version of the manual.

Overall: Your money is worth it so go to the nearest Etude House store and try it yourself.

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