EXO : Growl MV (ONE-SHOT Version)

안녕하새요, 여러분 EXO is BACK! with their repackaged album. Now it reminds me why I hate SMENT. Their artist are the queen and kings of repackage. YAY! for rich fans while NAY! for poor fans like me. (It's not really hate HATE but more of why didn't you guys just put it in one album, an expensive one then let the fans save for it then release it NOT producing affordable albums then repackage them.)

Sorry for the rant. I was pissed off the other day and it seems I am still pissed by the fact that my earphones broke. My Samsung one. I expected a lot from Samsung earphones considering it's Samsung but then again, we live in the real world, HELLO DISAPPOINTMENT!~

Moving on to the real topic,few hours ago, SM Ent released EXO's Growl MV. Rumors say that this was the dance version since their Practice video was 'leaked' last Saturday. I saw the practice video and I must agree all were the same, the only difference is they wore their uniform outfits. If you want to know where I saw the leaked version, just message me or comment below. 

Korean Version 

credits to: LoveKpopSubs13 

Chinese Version 

credits to: lilpinkfrog2's channel

 Why I love this video:
- SM showed their dance skills.
- Their dance was almost flawless (Kai's hat fell and Suho stepped on Sehun's foot)
It is ONE-SHOT (Take) Version.
- EXO IN UNIFORM. (Hottest school bishies ever!!!)
- I would like to congratulate Kris, Yeol and Chen for their good performance considering dancing is one of their major struggles. 
- Different versions have different charm since they did reshuffling.
- Tao has more lines. (Didn't expect speaking Chinese would be a turn on.)

The 으르렁(Growl)_Music Video that was released is the ONE-SHOT (Take) Version. As you can see, the music video used steady cam and was filmed using the 'one-take' technique without editing, and with expressions appearing as if the members themselves are controlling the camera, they highered the performance's cubic effect and focus.

A VARIETY OF VERSIONS of this music video will be released in the next few days as it was said in an article: http://exok-trans.tumblr.com/post/56949068756/news-130731-exo-growl-music-video

For teaser photos please go to this link :
EXO - Growl "Teaser Photos"

AN: Hopefully I can find a product to review next because the product I was suppose to review is not available anymore. or maybe I'll just publish it? MEH. Let me think about it first. I have a lot going on in my head right now. I'm doing a lot of new things this year and I'm preparing for it so sorry for the lack of update,specially on the OOTD and Review portion of my blog. (T▽T)
  and before you go, here's the English translation of the Korean Version of Growl
I’m warning you just in case (listen carefully) 
It’s dangerous now (so dangerous) 
Stop provoking me (there’s going to be trouble) 
I don’t even know myself

My breath keeps on stopping 
You walk towards me 
You smile at me 
Maybe you’re attracted to me too

My sights become dark 
When you stare at me 
The sound of your breathing 
You’re the one that makes me crazy

So nobody can look at you (when you smile) 
I want to hide you inside my embrace (I’m so serious) 
The stares that are after you 
Wakes up inside me 
There’s a harsh/fierce swirl/storm

A dark shadow has woken up inside of me 
Sparks fly in my eyes as I look at you 
Everyone step away from her (step away) 
It’s going to get fierce from now on 
I’m growling, growling, growling 
I’m growling, growling, growling 
I’m growling, growling, growling 
If you don’t back away then I don’t care if you get hurt*

With agitated stare and cutting tension 
I’m searching your surroundings 
You just stay still and look at me 
I’ll never let you go you’ll see

The stares that are seeking you who’s vividly shining in the blurry space 
The sound of the alarm is ringing in me



Just in case another wolf looks at you 
Because my girl is too perfect 
I hold you softly within me [OR] I embrace you softly 
I become violent just for you

Only the strong one gets the beautiful woman 
Just go back because there’s no place 
You have zero chance 
Stop looking you’re going to wear her out 
If you desire her you have to win against me first

Let’s erase everyone one by one except us 
Paused as if only you and I exist here


I’m growling, growling, growling 
I’m growling, growling, growling 
I’m growling, growling, growling 
If you don’t back away then I don’t care if you get hurt

trans. cr.: ggamjongin.
>>AN: I'm so sorry for those who looked up for this post but there was no video in it. I just discovered that SMENT doesn't allow embedding in their video, I don't know if it's applicable to all videos. Nonetheless, please keep on supporting. 
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