2NE1 : Falling in Love

As of July 08,2013, the queens are back to claim their throne! I anticipated this comeback since 2NE1 is my most favorite girl group because I have been following and supporting them since Fire days. So here I am to present their Falling in Love MV.

The song sounds familiar right? Well, it was played as an intro during their first comeback at SBS for their I Love You promotions.

credits to: SBS K-POP 

Also one guy at the MV is really familiar to blackjacks,well you can see him at It Hurts MV, his role was Dara's lover. His name is Lee Soo Hyuk,a model and he's a friend of GD. Well, I would like to add to his profile that he's a vampire. With that pale skin,slim body structure and the prefect face, he can be the prefect Korean Kaname Kuran! My inner otaku is acting up again, I'm so sorry.

credits to: http://ygnuthang.wordpress.com

I have to admit that the song if addictive. Waaay to addictive. Ever since I downloaded the MV and the mp3 last night, I have been playing it nonstop. It's that addicting. 

credits to: 2NE1 

The MV was perfect as usual. I like how they changed. CL wore a dress, Dara being blonde, Bom's shorter hair and Minzy sporting a sexier look. I was suppose to post the comeback here along with the MV but Inkigayo was cancelled because of the Asiana incident. I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the victims and I hope those who were injured would have a fast recovery. 

Is it me or CL looks sexier nowadays? Ever since she came back with the baddest female she looks more feminine and sexier yet she never looses her swag. I am really happy that Dara has a normal hairstyle for this video though she her haircolor is loud but nonetheless, she rocks being blonde. Now she looks like a human barbie. ✿♥‿♥✿ Bommie looks younger with her brunette hair and the length is shorter but she still looks like a doll, especially on this photo.

I am so inlove with her contact lenses so please of you know where I can buy this, don't hesitate to message or comment here, ok?
Lastly, our maknae Minzy, she looks mature with her outfits and her actions but still age appropriate. 

I would love to add a lot of comments here but it's time you guys decide about it and let me hear your comments below. I would like to hear from you guys may it me comments, suggestions, reactions or whatnot. See you especially blackjacks! Nolza!

As of this moment: 
"2NE1 once again proved themselves one of the strongest competitors back in the music world this summer when the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ swept across 9 different music charts.

‘FALLING IN LOVE’, released on July 8 at 0 a.m., currently (8 a.m. July 8) ranks #1 on real time music charts including Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Soribada, Bugs, Daum, Naver, Cyworld and Monkey 3."
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