Eat Well for Less: Davao's Must-Try Restaurants with foodpanda Deals

Wazzup, Davaoeños! Searching for a delicious place to eat nearby? There are lots of delectable options in Davao City, whether you're ready to try something new or sticking to your faves. There's plenty to discover, including hidden jewels and traditional tuna meals. Now let's enjoy some delicious delights that every Davaoeño must try!

1.LA Halo Halo

The past several months have been extremely hot, and Davaoeños from the old school know where to get the best halo-halo—LA Halo-Halo, home of the creamiest Halo-Halo Overload. Alternatively, sample their Mais con Yelo, Mango Graham Craze, Oreo Cookies & Cream, and Avocado Craze for even more deliciously refreshing shaved ice desserts.

2.We Got Cha

You don't need to search far for something refreshing to enjoy whenever and wherever you are since We Got Cha has all of your favorite milk teas at your fingertips. On these hot and muggy days, We Got Cha's famous Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, delicious Soda Pops, and iced coffee-based drinks will definitely awaken your senses.

3.Barbeque Boss

It's not necessary to build an ihawan in order to savor grilled foods. Meats that are perfectly grilled and more are available at Barbeque Boss. Savor a variety of your favorite barbecue dishes, such as pork, chicken, or liempo, as well as the incredibly tasty chicharon bulaklak. A steaming cup of rice and a beer are optional.

4.Hangry Tuna

There's nothing better than a plate of freshly caught and grilled tuna from iconic restaurants like Hangry Tuna. For individuals who enjoy a nice barbecue but are managing their cholesterol levels, this is a guilt-free solution that doesn't sacrifice the rich, smoky flavors.

5.Aling Paz Food Hauz

Man can't survive on tuna and barbecue alone, so for a well-rounded spread, you may also visit Aling Paz Food Haus for your comfort food favorites from the Philippines.

6.Chikoy’s Lugawan

Davao's restaurants are able to provide exquisite food with every meal, from twilight until dawn. With a warm bowl of lugaw, goto, or noodles from Chikoy's Lugawan, start your day off right.

7.New Davao Famous

Enjoying dinner with loved ones or friends is the greatest, so treat them to their favorite comfort foods that are perfect for sharing. For Chinese favorites including Lumpiang Shanghai, Canton Guisado, Bam-I, Beef with Broccoli, and more, visit New Davao Famous.

8.Haveli King

Want something Indian to eat? You can find a variety of curries, including Chicken Biryani, Samosa, and Butter Chicken, on foodpanda and Haveli King.

9. Shaxian Snacks

Do you crave for the ideal merienda? You need look no further than Shaxian Snacks' delectable selection of noodles, siopao buns, and other foods.

10.Tiger Bubble Tea

Savor their specialties, which include Strawberry Meiji, Oreo Wintermelon, and Lemon Yogurt Juice, as well as their famous Brown Sugar creations, for a refreshing cup that suits any palate.

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