How To Take A Break?

At the start of the pandemic,we were all forced to stop whatever we're doing and stay at home which was hard at first since we live in a fast paced life where we’re busy always that taking a break even for 5 minutes seems like a luxury.

Taking a break once in a while is good because it will help you achieve optimal wellness. It will not hinder your work rather it will make you more productive since working long hours does not guarantee optimal productivity.

How I take breaks?

1. Drink Coffee

Yes I can drink coffee while working but I just love drinking iced coffee while not doing anything like just staring at nothing and savouring the taste of coffee makes me happy. 

Drinking coffee in moderation has a lot of benefits, coffee boosts physical performance,may help loose weight,help burn fat, reduces risk of a lot of diseases like cancer,stroke,parkinson’s disease and type II diabetes.

Speaking of coffee, I really want to buy this HiBrew 3 in 1 coffee machine since it's at least 3 in 1 where I can use Nespresso Pods, Dolce Gusto Pods and Coffee Grounds for Cold and Hot Brew with just changing the adapters but I'm still thinking if I'll really use it since my gut health is not that good these days.

If you're looking for something that's super simple and that doesn't need electricity, then I recommend buying this Phin filter. This Phin filter is super popular in Vietnam and is like if V60 Pour over and French Press had a baby? It would be this. What I also love about this is that you don't need any coffee filter to use this so it's a no paper waste brewing tool.

Most of the time whenever I'm super lazy or I just want to drink coffee that's affordable then I use 3 in 1 coffee and my personal favorites would be, Great Taste White 3 in 1, Maxim 3 in 1 Mocha Gold, and G7 Trung Nguyen 3 in 1 Coffee.

2. Watch Anime /Kdrama

Recently,I love watching anime like before and I prefer to watch it after a season since I don’t have the patience to wait each week for a new episode. Did you guys watch Kimetsu no Yaiba? That’s what I was busy catching up last week. My favourite anime themes would be mecha, action,supernatural,romance and sports.

You can watch subbed anime for FREE here :

I also need to catch up on my Kdrama soon but my attention span has been so short lately that I can only watch one episode of anime than a KDrama but I made a list of Kdramas I wanted to watch last year that you can check out.

3. Play Games 

Did you know games in general also have benefits? Some video games improve manual dexterity. Special video games have also been used as physical therapy to help stroke victims regain their hands and wrists control. Games also increase gray matter in the brain, gray matter is associated with muscle control,memories,spatial navigation and perception.They also teach you to be better problem solver since in games, you want to achieve your goal in the game without spending too much time. In addition, video games help with your mental health because games can boosts your mood and make for better heart rhythms.

I so love games! My to go to website for playing games online is is browser based and they have a wide array of games. Browser based meaning you don’t have to download anything to play these games.

You can play it on your laptop with different browsers like Safari,Google Chrome,Firefox,Opera and other modern web browsers. iPhones,Google powered phones and tablets.

My personal favorite would be ,racing, logic, minesweeper,board games,bingo, coloring, dress up,hidden objects, bubble shooter, word search and food games.

4. Listen to Music

I’m on Spotify Premium and I can’t live without it,I swear,I tried. I listen to music everyday and I prefer to listen to Kpop. My ultimate favorite Kpop groups would be NCT,Big Bang,2NE1, EXO and Stray Kids. Either I use my earphones or speaker to listen to them and my weapon (LOL) of choice would be, Realme Buds Air 2 but since it's currently out of stock, you can check the cheaper alternative the Realme Buds Q2 and I also love using wired earphones specially when I have an online meeting since it doesn't drain my battery fast, I recommend buying Realme Buds Classic that has Built-in HD microphone.

For speakers,I recommend this super affordable speaker that has a 9 hour playback that costs less than P1,100,the Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker and my trusted speaker which I had for years and I so love the triangle design,the Oontz Angle 3 that has a triangular design has has 12 hours playback.

5. Eat Snacks

Snacking refers to small food portion distributed between meals and research says that snacking may help manage hunger and improve sugar regulation but I think you still need to choose healthy snacks compared to your usual one.

Mixed Nuts are ideal nutritious snack because they provide protein,healthy fats and fiber. Despite their higher calorie and fat content,eating nuts in moderation may help loose weight since eating nuts is very filling but be mindful of the portion size, it’s ideal to stick to 1 ounce or about 1/4 cup.

Dark Chocolate and Almonds, these two make a great combination since dark chocolates contain antioxidants while almonds are rich source of healthy fats.

Fruits,fruits are portable,easy to eat like banana, apple, oranges, grapes and pears.To make it more satisfying,pair it with nuts or yogurt.

Hard boiled eggs, eggs are one of the healthiest and most weight loss friendly food you can eat since they are incredibly filling due to their protein content.Eating eggs in moderation(3-4 eggs a week) reduces the risk of heart disease.

I personally like to eat nuts,biscuits or granola bars as my snacks whenever I’m hungry.

So there you have it,I have listed some of the things I do when I'm taking breaks, hopefully it can help you on what you want to do during your breaks. There are times wherein you need to take a more breaks than the usual to nourish and nurture yourself.The best time to take a break is when you’re about to reach your low point energy. It can help you to refocus your attention most especially if you’re experiencing feeling absent mindedness or brain fog.

So taking a break is really important.

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